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SO EXCITED!! We finally settled on a venue!!!!!

Oh my gosh, I can hardly sit down to type this out!!

I was blessed with a visit from my BFF this weekend and we made a quick trip to Eureka Springs to check out possible venues last night. After looking things over rather well, it became obvious to us that this was NOT our best option for what DH and I have in mind. We drove home completely stumped. It seemed so different on the internet! This morning, as she and I were trying to brainstorm, I was telling her about the only place I've been in love with so far. Since we were waiting for her hubby to come back from fishing, we decided to make a run out there just for something to do. I fell in love with it all over again. My friend and I were babbling on and on about what could be put where and the manager was being so helpful and friendly! I brought up the issues my husband had with this venue and the manager quickly gave me solutions that the person I spoke with before didn't know! So, I just got off the phone with the hubs and the manager at the hotel and I've got an appointment to finalize paperwork tomorrow!

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Re: SO EXCITED!! We finally settled on a venue!!!!!

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