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Ughh I forgot Friday AGAIN

I literally said to myself this morning go to TK and do the Friday post and I just got so caught up at work, I'm so sorry I stink at this. Hopefully you girls don't fire me from this job. Anyway, happy Friday to all!

Anyone doing anything to celebrate St. Pattys Day? I'm not Irish, but I love to goout for it. I do have to admit iI hate cornbeef and cabbage. Usually FI and I go to a parade and bar hoping, but we missed out favorite parades this year, bummer. So not sure what we are doing this weekend, but probably nothing St. Patrick's related.
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Re: Ughh I forgot Friday AGAIN

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    We will probably go to a local Irish restaurant. I feel bad for my co-worker's daughter, she was supposed to be in a St. Patrick's day parade (she is in an Irish dance troupe, they were going to dress up like snakes). She has been soooo excited about the parade and her costume, but now she is really sick and can't go anymore. Poor kid.
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    my name is Erin so I will definitely be doing something!! Just nothing planned exactly yet.  We are going out of town to meet up with the in-laws tonight and then we hope to venture out to an irish pub of some sort tomorrow.   

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    My family is mostly Irish, so my parents host a huge St. Patrick's Day party at their house. My dad makes a huge boiled dinner and there is a ton of beer. It's probably one of my favorite "holidays" we celebrate as a family!
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