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Re: Seriously?

  • That's sad, but I'm not really surprised, especially at very large weddings where the B & G don't know everybody well.  I know I've been to weddings where I was hardly a blip on either's radar in their everyday life and I could easily have been a crook.  If it were a small wedding where the people there were very, very close, it would be a shock, though!
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  • I am also not surprised at all. Unfortunately, it did happen to a good friend of mine. I think a lot of people do not expect their friends and family to steal their things or clearly they would not be on the guest list, but it does happen. My venue coordinator advised us to not put our gift table by the door but more towards us or our parents.
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  • I'd like to point out how a lot of people on that thread mentioned wedding crashers too... I went to a wedding that got crashed, I didn't even think about them trying to steal gifts! They had just been driving by and wanted to come and wish the B&G well, which they did and immediately went back to their cars and took off... it was odd, but that's all that happened...sheesh. it's sad, but think about funerals too. When my mom passed away in May, my sister and I had one card that went missing, but we found it, but still, for a week she and I were kind of scared wondering what happened to it and hoping someone wouldn't be like that...thankfully, they weren't, it just had fallen between couch cushions.
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  • My parents (25+ years ago) had a huge stack of cards and their marriage license stolen. Its sooo sad, but it does happen. They think it may have been a staff member at the hall, but they have no clue who did it.
  • Stupid people come off it. I want to steal from my family and friends. Money isn't everything.

  • It' sad that you can't even trust the people you are inviting to your wedding, but I will definetly be using something tougher to break into. And I think it's a good idea to have a family member (or I would use my DOC) to empty the box throughout the night. I'm going to start keeping my eyes open for a cage type gift holder or a box with a lock. I can always try to find one that is welded shut on one side and lcked on the other, then just face the lock away from the side guests would see so it won't be as noticeable.
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  • Ugh. It sort of makes me sick to think that this happens. I have a feeling that our gifts and cards might end up in the restaurant owners office if she's worried about people stealing things. We're pretty good friends with her, and she would hate for something like that to happen to us. So I'm sure that's probably what will end up happening if she's worried about it. We are only really inviting people that we know pretty well though. I mean it isn't like we're just invinting a bunch of people we barely know so I hope that doesn't happen. 
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  • That's just awful.  Both about wedding crashers and having stuff stolen!  It's making me re-think my lack of security since we're going to be in an iffy part of town anyway.
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  • That sounds terrible. Our venue is a country club so there will definitely be some random people around (not in the ballroom that we are using, but just in the club in general), so I"ll try to come up with something pretty secure to put the cards in.
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  • There was a girl on the Detroit board who had her purse stolen at her bridal shower. THAT'S messed up.

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  • wow that's really sad and pathetic
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    In Response to Re: Seriously?:
    [QUOTE]Stupid people come off it. I want to steal from my family and friends. Money isn't everything.
    Posted by iloveu4ever[/QUOTE]

    You want to steal from your family and friends? I'm a little confuzzled lol


    I think it's terribly sad that this is something that we have to worry about but the temptation is always there so I'm sure it'll keep happening sadly.

    I'm likely going to have my parents take the cards out and put it in their hotel room (right next to our venue) as they are the only ones I would really trust with that task.

    A venue told me that some bride and grooms put the boxes under the parents table which is also a good idea. I think we might do that until my dad can take it over to his room.
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