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Photographer vent

Okay, I don't exactly have a photographer, but I did buy a groupon for a photobooth. I have spoken to the photographer that the photobooth is through and he seemed nice. He was going to email me the confirmation for the date and time and some ideas for personalizing the pictures, however, I haven't received it. It has been a few weeks. I called him and finally emailed him a week ago, still no word. He has marked my groupon as already used. What do I do?? I have been polite and everything. I even reitterated in my email that I may have given him the wrong email address, so I made sure to give him the right one. Anyway, I understand that life happens and I have over 7 months still before the wedding, but communication is important to me. UGH!!
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Re: Photographer vent

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    oh goodness! i bought a groupon for a photobooth and it went badly too :( i called before i purchased to confirm they had my date (which they did), bought the photobooth, and called to book and magically they were completely booked. they said i could use it another day... but really... when am i going to just need a random photobooth again? groupon was able to refund me completely after a few emails to customer service though!

    i'd just maybe try calling again and leave a voicemail in the next week or so. i mean your wedding is 7 months out, but that  isn't an excuse for poor customer service AND these things do book this far out so its obviously important to know if you are officially booked or need to look elsewhere. if all else fails, i think if you explained the situation to Groupon's customer service you could get a groupon or credit card refund too since he shouldn't have taken your groupon number if you weren't officially booked yet!

    Good luck!! :)
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    I agree. I'd try calling him again and leaving a voice mail and etc. I understand the need for communication. I mean yes our wedding dates are pretty far out, but things around here book up a year in advance so I understand the need to get ahold of him. I hope that you end up hearing from him, and things end up working out. 
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    At least there's the option of getting with Groupon as a last resort and getting your money back.  Sorry to hear you're having difficulty with this.
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    Groupon has really good customer service, if you cant get a hold of him soon, I would try to see if you can get your money back.
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