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Post-engagement pic tips!!

Hey ladies! FI and I just got back from having our e pics, and I thought I'd share a few tips that I didn't think of until it was too late!

1. Bring a hairbrush! It was windy outside and by the end of our session, my hair was a tangly mess.

2. Bring Kleenex! Wind + cold = sniffles...we were dying for a Kleenex!

3. Bring a ponytail holder! Again, the wind.

4. Bring a blanket! Your photographer may want you to sit down on some rocks or something dirty, and you don't want to have spots on your tush after that!

5. Plan out your route, and where you'll stop to change clothes. I am so glad we knew where we wanted go, but I should have thought about bathrooms! We ended up changing our clothes behind some bushes in a park...probably could have been arrested for that.

6. Research examples of engagement photos! Find some poses you like, and show them to your photographer so he/she knows what you like and what style you're going for.

Hope this helps someone! I thought I remembered a few of you guys saying you were having your e pics this weekend. If you have any other tips that you learned, please add them!! :)

Re: Post-engagement pic tips!!

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    Thank you thank you thank you. We have ours next week and I never would have thought about a blanket.
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