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I'm new!

Hey fellow June 2013 brides! Just discovered this board... So excited! I would love some advice from you guys... I have my dress, but I'm waiting on fittings. When do you plan on having your fittings? How are you storing your dress until then? Also, do vendors think you're crazy when you tell them how far out your wedding is? How much have you already picked out? Is it too far in advance to secure the venue? Thanks!!
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    welcome to the board! I do not have my dress yet so I have no advice there. NO vendors do not think your crazy, you need to get going on the venue girl! I secured my venue in october 2011 and got the last Saturday in June 2013.  I have been turned away by 4 photographers because they are already booked. So, definitely not too early!
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    I too have my dress, for the time being it is at my FI's parents house in a closet.  I won't start fitting til about 7-8 months out only because the seamstress I am interested in is highly sought after and books up quickly.

    PLEASE do not wait on your venue.  I booked mine last August and since May and June are so popular, I actually was too late to book May because the two weekends we could do were already booked, so we got the next available date with our venue (well, we skipped one because it is the weekend of a fair at our church haha).  We are in the season for brides to be doing next year's planning, so things are really going to fill up for June as it is an incredibly popular month.  It will keep getting worse and more and more people get engaged but this passed xmas/vday season usually means a huge influx of next year brides.  So just like PP, PLEASE don't wait so you can get your date and ideal venue!  I'd say don't slack until you have your caterer, photographer, venue and ceremony venue (if different) checked.
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    Hi there and welcome!! 

    I've had my dress since the day after Christmas, and as I soon as I got home, I realized I didn't actually know how one should go about storing a wedding dress for a year and a half. The consensus for dress storage (I found this same info on several dry cleaners'/wedding gown preservation sites seems to be as follows:
    *Don't hang it, as you run the risk of having the weight of the fabric on the bottom stretch the top and put undue stress on seams. This is especially important if your dress has a lot of beading, since the more beads = the more weight pulling on the dress.
    *Do wrap it in a clean, plain white fitted sheet. Fold it in thirds/quarters after you've wrapped it in the sheet.
    *Store it in a breathable soft sided under the bed strorage box, where it won't be exposed to sunlight, heat, etc. I had a hard time finding one of these on short notice, but Target had them.
    *Take it out once a month and let it hang for about 8 hours so that any wrinkles don't become too set.

    Also, as the ladies above said, jump on the vendor bookings ASAP. We've got the venue, photographer, and caterer secured, and I'm working on finding a DJ this week. June is unbelievably popular for weddings, so if you want your first choice of vendors, start now.

    So, now that we've covered that, let's here some more details!! What type of wedding are you planning? How did you two meet? You'll find that this is a great board, and all the ladies are very helpful.

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    Hey there! 
    I haven't gotten my dress yet, only because I am waiting to lose some more weight/tone up before going shopping. But... I am dying to do it! I have booked by photobooth, venue, DJ, photographer, and florist. And NONE of them thought I was crazy for booking early. They actually commended me for planning ahead. I was told multiple times, I would be getting the first pick of my favorite vendors, and I have! Some of them even offered me a discount for booking early. I am just worried I am going to be done so early and get bored!! =)
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    Ahh! I guess I really need to get moving!

    A little about us: we met in high school and have been together almost 4 years and engaged since February 2011. Our wedding is going to be very vintage-chic -- I'm thinking dusty pinks, ivory, peach, and lavender in terms of color. We've going to have 200+ guests, mostly because we both have huge close families.

    Our ceremony is going to be at this vintage 1800s castle. We toured it last summer and fell in love. They said they book weddings one year in advance, but they are affiliated with a Christian group that holds frequent conferences and retreats... they said they would call us if anyone was inquiring about our date, but I'm a little nervous that they forgot... I'll probably call tomorrow...

    This is my lovely dress (Maggie Sottero Poppy in champagne):

    I was lucky enough to be in NYC last September, so I went to Kleinfeld with all my girl cousins, aunts, mom, grandma, and sister (my MOH). Needless to say, they weren't too pleased with my large group. HOWEVER, I ended up finding this perfect dress in my hometown, Colorado Springs. I ordered it in champagne, because I felt it complimented my fair skin (the sample I tried was also champagne)... although I'm a little nervous it won't look "white", but the consultant assured me it would still look like a white wedding dress. Have any of you ordered your dress in a shade other than traditional white?

    Our reception is still up in the air... there was a Wyndham hotel we toured last summer that was still under construction, and we liked what we saw, but we haven't seen it finished yet. I'm kinda picky, because I want a venue with some natural light that can accomodate 200+ people with sufficient room to move around and dance. We can't have it at the castle because they have a no-alcohol policy, which is a problem... lol

    I should mention that I am a wedding photographer myself, so naturally I'm extremely picky about the photography... we're having a digital AND film photographer. We already have our film photographer, but I'm still searching for a digital photographer that fits out style. Also, if anyone needs pointers on choosing a photographer, I can definitely help! =]

    I am being kinda ridiculous about the invitations... I fell in love with letterpress, and I'm determined to find a way to have them without it costing an arm and a leg... lol. Anyone have experience with letterpress invites?

    Wow, that was long! I guess I haven't had the chance to gush about my wedding... thanks for reading! I appreciate all advice! =]
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    I got my dress already! I've also booked our ceremony venue and reception venue. We just booked our photographer and DJ as well :) Especially now venues are starting to book for next year so don't wait too long.
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    I got my dress before we even set a date! Haha
    We just booked our DJ for our wedding and he said that June, September and October (in New England at least) are the most popular ewdding times and you should be over a year ahead on booking vendors, photographers, DJs, etc. Defintely go for it soon!
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