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cig smoke on wedding dress

how do you get rid of the smell on dress . i have a mom that smokes .

Re: cig smoke on wedding dress

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    Good luck? I think cigarette smoke is a really hard smell to get out of things. I wouldnt try anything yourself though, I would take it somewhere to be professionally cleaned.
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    Dry cleaner

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    Professional cleaning (be careful with that, though, don't skimp on it so your dress doesn't get ruined)- or air it out in a new location?? :-\  Good luck!
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    Don't keep it anywhere near your mother. That smell is really tough to get out of anything. Take it to a dry cleaner, but make sure you go to one that actually knows how to handle wedding dresses. There's been plenty of girls on some of the other boards who've had dresses ruined by taking them somewhere that doesn't typically handle wedding dresses. Otherwise, I'd say take it to a salon and pay to have them clean it for you. 
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    Thank you for tips . Have a good day
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      take the dress away from ur mom ,if u have to get ride of it ,u had better   make the dress cleaned by a professional person ,good luck .....
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