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Wednesday Accountability

B: Toast & apple butter
L: Mushroom stroganoff
D: Brussels sprouts, butternut squash ravioli with olive oil and sage
S: I might be better off listing what I didn't eat...I was in such a calorie hole last night that I came home from yoga, ate a bunch of stuff, and was still 300 calories under my goal. I got to the point where I just couldn't eat any more.

E: walked 3 miles, 75 minute yoga class.

Re: Wednesday Accountability

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    B- 4 mini mr. goodbars (I told you the candy bowl will be my demise) and black coffee
    L-Wegman's southwest turkey salad
    D-piece of plain chicken and steam broccoli drizzled lightly with peanut sauce, lean cuisine cheese pizza
    S- apple, 100 calorie pack of popcorn with a bit of parm cheese. 

    E- ran 2.5 miles, walked my dog.

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    B: Banana
    S: peanut & almond granola bar
    L: grilled chicken, carrots, rice pilaf and an oatmeal cookie
    D: small piece of steak
    S: twizzler bits

    I felt sick to my stomach all day so I crawled into bed when I got home = no exercise again!
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