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XP Rabbit hunting grooms cake? lol

FI LOVES to go rabbit hunting and fishing but I'm pretty sure he likes rabbit hunting more. I want the grooms cake to be a secret just like my dress so I can't exactly ask him about the whole cake thing. A lady I go to church with used to make cakes for a living and she has decided to "come out of retirement" and make ours. I have tried to google pictures of a rabbit hunting cake but have found none. Do you think If I showed her these pictures she would be able to put something together?

Replace the little deer...

...with little rabbits like this lol
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Re: XP Rabbit hunting grooms cake? lol

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    I think that's definitely possible! Just don't have the bunnies be quite so cute, then it becomes kind of depressing. xD Great idea!
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    lol I thought about that. They look like little easter bunnies! lol I'm really not on board with him rabbit hunting...I have a pet rabbit. But that's his favorite thing so I'm suportive as long as I don't have to see em :)
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    Thats so cool!  I would do a deer hunting one for FI but it's not really in the budget, we only have $200 for our regular wedding cake.  Very cute!
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    I would think she should be able to come up with something. I agree with the "don't make the rabbits look too cute" too. I love the idea of having a grooms cake and it being a surprise to them of something that they absolutely love! My FI is all about anything aircraft, especially military, so I plan on getting his Grooms cake made to look like his favorite jet!
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