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I have no idea where to start with bridesmaids gifts. I was thinking of giving each girl probably a necklace to actually wear to the wedding and then something more personal. But, I'm not sure where to start or what kind of things people usually get. And all of my girls are very different (in age, style, and where they're at in life). I have my 20 year old sister, my 17 year old FSIL, a 22 year old hs/college friend, a 23 year old high school friend, and a 23 year old sorority sister who is married and has a child. I don't want to get them anything cheesy but I don't want to get them something completely impersonal either. HELP! What are you doing for bridesmaids gifts?
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    I have not even thought about this for my own wedding yet, so I'm not much help there. I did receive a certificate for a 1 hour massage from one of my friends that I was a BM for. That was a really nice gift and I think anyone at any age or point in life would love something like that.

    I've also seen some really cute monogramed totes. You could get each girl one in her favorite color and fill with more personalized little items. I know LL Bean has some really nice totes in various colors and sizes...and they're great quality!

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    Bridesmaid's gifts are one of those things I'm going to spend the next 8 months sweatin' over. I have no idea what I'm going to do. So far, my only solid idea has been the following stuff:
    *A bracelet that they can wear to the wedding if they want.
    *A little makeup bag with emergency stuff in it.
    *A gift card for a place they each like (for instance, one of my girls loves makeup, so I'd do Sephora. Another loves to read, so she'd get an Amazon one to download books to her Kindle.)

    That's as good as I've got. Honestly, the wedding party gifts are stressing me out more than anything else with this wedding.
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    I got all my girls a Vera Bradley wrsitlet ina color and design that matches their personality. I'll be putting a hand written note in each. I plan on getting my MOH a nice watch too because she is seriously going above and beyond and I don't know how to tell her how amazing she is. She loves watches though, so I'll find her something cute. 
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    I haven't decided what I'm getting my girls yet. There are so many things I can get them I just don't know what I'm going to end up doing. 
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    Ive aleady gotten them a coordinating wrap incase the night gets chilly.  And im planning on also getting them a necklace with their initial on itto wear for the weddding... not qite sure what else... maybe a monogrammed coffee mug i found online with a packet of instantcoffee for the next morning?! lol
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    I've been thinking about this a lot lately too! Plus I work in 28 different stores and with 8 retail buyers everyday so I'm constantly surrounded by ideas. (I work in a casino, FYI) I think I'm going to get the jewelry they will wear and put it in a monogrammed make up bag or small tote with either Alex & Ani bracelets or a pandora bracelet so it's personalized to them and a few other little things that will mean something to them. For instance my niece loves to write so I'm going to get her a nice journal and pen. Hopefully they will like it.
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    So far I have gotten all of my BMs a coach wristlet. A different one for each girl, ones I think fit their style basically. I love cnf's idea of the personal letter so I think I'm going to copy that. I'm also planning on getting them a gift card for something they'd each enjoy, again different for each girl. For my MOH I'm thinking of getting something else too like a charm for her Pandora bracelet or another small piece of jewelry. 
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    Wine, wine, wine and I haven't decided for my last girl (she's not as into wine as the other 3 are, LOL).

    FI is making them brooches to wear at the wedding but from everything I've heard on TK anything they're given to wear for the wedding isn't actually a gift for them so I'll find them a little something else to go with what I've gotten them so far.  Probably a gift card to someplace they like to go...restaurant, spa, etc.
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    So far I have gotten each girl a ThirtyOne wristlet and a cool wine glass each with a different saying on them. I am planning on getting them each a bottle of wine and probably flip flops too. That will be about 50 bucks a girl.
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    Do you work at Mohegan Sun?

    I made all the ladies, my mom and his, my little sister/ maid of honor, flower girl, my aunt who is conducting the ceremony and also my best friend.
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    This is more stressful than planning seeing as as of right now...i have ten BMs...cant afford big money on them all so Im thinking wine bottles with personalized labels for each (nam,pic and bio/ or meaning to me).....as for the two under 21...im thinking jewelry

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    Check out Stella & Dot jewelry! Perfect bridesmaids gift!!

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