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I always wanted a black, white and purple wedding. And my FI at first agreed to that theme. I loved it from the very beginning and was very excited to use it. Then my FI decided that he did care about the colors of the wedding and decided that our colors should be purple and red. I said “NO” from the very beginning, but he thought the color combination was pretty and that is was a good representation of us. I really love the color purple and my FI loves red. However, my favorite color is and always will be black. But for our summer wedding I do want a little color. So I conceded and our colors became red & purple. Even though every time I thought of the combination I thought of the Red Hat Society and nothing else. I tried very hard to make it work and talked with friends and my BMs about it and everyone politely said it could be very pretty and “You can make it work” but they also said it did remind them of those lovely senior women. I do think the colors together could be very pretty and I am in no way hating on anyone whose wedding is exactly that. But as for me and my wedding, I could not do it anymore. I don’t love it now and once I start ordering dresses and starting my DIY projects I am going to hate it even more. By the time my whole guest bedroom is full of red & purple wedding stuff I am going to want to cry! I will talk to my FI about this either today or tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well. 


Here’s to RED, WHITE and BLING! (the hopeful new theme)

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  • Colors were a point of contention for my FI and I as well. We originally agreed on a color combo, then changed it because it's also the colors of a local college. But I originally wanted those colors because it reminding me of a trip to DC we took. We argued for days about it before settling on pink and blue, but I grew to dislike them more and more and finally we ended up saying screw it going back to the original colors, orange and purple. I understand completely how somethign that should be so easy, like colors, is really quite difficult. 

    What if you did black, white and purple as main colors, and did some small red accents. Like having his boutoniere be red and adding like one red rose into your centerpices, but making everything else the other colors?
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  • I don't really have much advice for you, plus it sounds like you and your FI have it figured out!  We're using a limey/sage green with shades of purple as our colors.  I went with green first because I knew its FI's favorite color and then picked purple because that was the direction my brooch bouquet ended up going in.
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  • I would probably use more of one of the colors so it doesn't look over powering.

  • Okay, so as much as I love quirky color combinations, when I see red and purple together, my initial reaction is "Ooh, I love red!! And I love purple!!", but then my final impression usually ends up being "Red Hat Society". So, while I'm sure you could pull it off in a classy, lovely way, I think no matter what, you'll probably have a lot of people thinking "Red Hat". Have you considered moving along the spectrum of each color and going with something like a deep strawberry (pinkish) red and a more indigo shade of purple? Go to your nearest hardware store and play around with the paint chips there, that's how I ended up figuring out what colors I wanted.
  • I think you can still come to an agreement.  If he likes red, and you like black and white, black white and red weddings are BEAUTIFUL.  Also, your suggestion sounds fresh with the red white and "bling" haha.  I can't see why FI would have an issue with these two options since it incorporates the color red.

    I personally don't like red and purple at all.
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  • Thank you so much for all of the advice, ladies!! I thought about it some more before I talked to my FI. 

    Just a little more background on the problem. About two weeks ago I sat my FI down and told him I was not feeling the red/purple. I told him that it reminded me of the Red Hat Society and I hated it. Even though I love red and purple individually, I don’t like them together. I asked if we could go back to red/purple/b&w or even do red/b&w. He said “No, Babe! I’ve told so many people those were our colors and they all thought it was pretty.” I told him I never liked those colors and I just said ok because he loved red and I do want our wedding to be about the both of us. I said fine again and tried to learn to love it. 

    So I told him yesterday that I decided to change the colors and this time I stuck to guns. I told him that I know he loves red so it will be part of the wedding but this way we can both be happy. He was a little upset because I changed my mind but in the end he is okay with it. I am finally happy again. Those colors were draining me. So our new theme is Red, White and Bling!! 

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  • It is like our colors red, black, and silver. We using silver to tone down the black and red

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