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Monday Poll: DIY?

Hey Ladies =)

Happy Monday!

Just out of sheer curiousity I'm wondering who plans on DIY'ing stuff for the wedding? I'm crafty so I definitely plan to and wanted to see if any of you lovely ladies were as well.

Ideally the items I plan on doing myself are:

My wedding binder (lol yes I am making a custom one)
Place/Escort cards
Favors (If we do a candy bar then I'll probably jazz up the candy bag/box)
Centerpieces (If possible as I havent a clue what I want yet)
Blinging my shoes (this is still a maybe but I'm definitely interested)
Adding something to the BM's shoes

Off the top of my head that's all I can think of.

How about you?
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Re: Monday Poll: DIY?

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    We are DIY'ing our centerpieces and table numbers.  We've been saving clear glass jars, (pickle jars, spaghetti sauce, etc) and we got a glass cutter to take off the tops to make vases out of them.  I'm hoping to have four or five of various heights and sizes at each table, most likely with flowers, and maybe some ribbon to match.  Our table numbers are picture frames, we got wooden frames we're painting to match our colors, popping in a picture of us from one of our various adventures, and I'm on a desperate search for wooden numbers since Michael's discontinued theirs!
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    I am not particularly crafty... I try, but it never comes out the way I envisioned.   Luckily my best friend/MOH is VERY artsy, as is my future sister-in-law/BM!  They both offered to help me make centrepieces/table numbers, bouquets, and invitations :)    I am a SUPER lucky girl!

    For the centrepieces we bought these wooden planter boxes and a burning etch tool.  We are going to carve our initials in a heart and then fill the planter box with cat grass and a few forget-me-nots.

    I will also be printing my own escort cards (either folded placecards or handwritten onto paint chips), and attempting to make a dollar store knockoff of a fancy jewelled headband.   Keep your fingers crossed for me, it won't be pretty.

    Oh and I'm going to be baking cookies for my favours!  Luckily that one I can do with my eyes closed :P
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    I am doing all stationary on powerpoint/vistaprint, including banners and signs and stuff.  I am making chalkboards out of picture frames for my guest book (they write notes and use a polaroid to take the picture of them holding the note).  I will be making table numbers out of wood pieces (my uncle is a landscaper) and using a wood burner to burn in the #s.  I might glitter my heel of my shoe, I wanted to do a non-mobile part since some people have issues with it flaking off where it bends a bit.  I am also having yard games, we have a croquet set and ladder golf but I am making a cornhole set.  I am doing my favors, really just petite jars with fabric, a jar recipe and a picture (milanoo.com), explaining we didn't want to spend money on candy and are instead donating to leukemia and lymphoma society for my uncle who is fighting now.  My centerpieces will be mason jars with lace and I will recycle some skinny vases I find at yard sales and spray paint them white to hold some scattered single stems.

    We also got wooden barrels for free from a local brewery so they will act as the cake table and cigar station table, and then two out by the bar for people to put drinks while they chit chat, not really DIY but a neat way to recycle the barrels lol.
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    OMG everyone on here has amazing ideas!  I am planning on doing almost the same things!  I am DIYing almost everything for the wedding - centerpieces, real flower bouquets, invitations, favors, escort cards, etc.  I will be doing the mason jars/scattered vases as my centerpieces as well!  For those of you doing that, are you getting a florist?  I have been really looking into using a grocery store for flowers.  My future MIL works at a grocery store and the florist there said they can order me extra bouquets of whatever flowers I want (like 20 bouquets of roses or whatever), I would just have to arrange them in the vases myself.  It will save so much money!  I'm also making all the bouquets with my bridesmaids the day before.  I've done a lot of research on it and it is totally possible!  Plus my fiance got me a $7 bouquet there for valentine's day and it lasted 3 weeks, so that gives me some confidence in the quality of the flowers at that particular store.  I'm glad a few of you guys are DIYing as much as I am!  Good luck!
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    It makes me happy to see alot of you guys are going to DIY for the wedding :) Feel free to share any and all photos you want! I love seeing what others can come up with!

    I just borrowed a couple scrapbooking items from a friend that I didnt have to work on the cover of my wedding binder so I'll be sure to share them if anyone wants (I love scrapbooking lol) I'm itching to work on it lol
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    Heck yeah! I'm doing my centerpieces, invites, and favors myself. I love that type of thing.
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    I am DIY flowers, food, invitations. Maybe more.

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