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Wednesday Accountability

I'll go ahead and shoot myself in the foot early here.

B- black coffee
L-too much pizza hut
D-something horrible TBD when we go out to dinner in an hour

E-Ran a short mile today. I've been off the last few days. I also did three songs in Zumba with some of the kids at the summer camp I do programming at. I got there early and they were still going so I just jumped in. 

I plan on getting back on the wagon tomorrow, I woke up feeling sad today and just gave up. But it's out of my system now, I feel guilty and tomorrow the sun shall shine. 
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Re: Wednesday Accountability

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    cnf, why were you sad? Everything ok?

    I am pretty proud today.

    B- Breakfast drink
    L- Apple with peanut butter and canteloupe
    s- blueberry mini muffins
    d-- small portion of pasta (only about 5 bites) with a meatball.

    And no more snacks for the night, just water. I just havn't been exercising at all, I need to get on that bandwagon very soon.
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    This girl was excited my chocolate cravings would be gone Thursday and out of the apartment!!

    B- cheerios and iced coffee (it's my go to breakfast)
    L- Kashi steam fresh meal the farfalle and chicken with veggies..not sure what it was called exactly, but it has some kick to it and would eat it again. I caved and had a pepsi next.
    D- pb and jelly on wheat, bowl of blueberries and raspberries, and a handful of dove pb chocolates.

    E- No exercise due to rain and storms! I'm so happy to say that since we're in a moderate drought. We're planning a walk to library (1 mile there and back) tomorrow. (Thursday)

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