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Thursday Accountability

Hey ladies! How'd Thursday go?

B-black coffee
L- 1/2 premade wegmans turkey, swiss and field greens on a whole wheat organic baguette.
D- the other 1/2 of my wegmans sandwich
S- 2 fruit cups- peaches in water, no sugar added
Total in- 920

E- 1.87 mile run in 18:32 (pretty slow for my typical hill run)
Total out- 224

Total for the day- 696

I wasn't hungry after eating the other half of my sandwich, surprisingly enough, but I had the peaches anyways because I love cold fruit and keep them in the fridge for hot days!
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Re: Thursday Accountability

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    I did not do good today  : (  i was rushed driving between appointments at work and the Wawa I stopped at for lunch ran out of the 300 calorie sandwich and apples pack that I always get.  So I made a quick decision and grabbed a breakfast sandwich and chocolate milk.  When I got to the car I realized it was 900 calories just for lunch!  So I ate a small dinner...and then my fiance convinced me to get ice cream after we worked out.  I'm a mess I know   :(

    B:  Special K Protein Shake
    L:  Wawa breakfast sandwich and chocolate milk
    D:  Campbell's Select Harvest Italian Wedding Soup
    S:  a small hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen
    Workout:  brisk 3 mile walk

    cnf:  I read in the last post that you know a lot about nutrition.  How do you find out how many calories you need to eat/burn each day in order to lose weight?  I know right now I just need to focus on eating healthier, but I think that would be good to know.
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    Has anyone here ever tried P90? Or any other workout programs? I'm interested in maybe starting one but I want to know a little bit more about it before I just jump into it.
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    B: None!

    L: My mom took my MOH and I to menchies.

    D: We still have friends over so we had some really greasy pizza

    Once again. I didn't eat to healthy, but I also didn't eat enough today.
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    pedulaney I was wondering the same thing!  I kind of want to try insanity, but I'm a little nervous.  If it's too crazy I won't be able to stick with it!

    Also, I just joined myfitnesspal since you guys have all been talking about it!  My username is KplusA just like on here (mostly because both me and my fiance are going to try to lose weight together!).  I know there's already a post on here about this, so I'm adding you guys!
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    B- Breakfast drink
    L- Peanut butter and jelly on crackers and an apricot
    s- One small italian cookie
    D- Chinese food :( But I didn't eat muchof it

    I also went out with FI after the funeral and had 4 hicken wings. I could've done without them. I didn't do very good this week at all.

    My big problem is that if I don't eat something, I get really nauseaus. To the point where once I actually did get phsically sick, and then felt better. I don't know why I'm like that, but it makes it hard to not snack because of it. I know I can pick healthy choices but sometimes I just need something quick before I lose it.
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    K,  Losing weight is just math really. Basically if you cut 500 calories a day from your diet you'll lose a pound a week. There's a lot of factors that go inot having a specific number of calories to take in to lose weight. You need to burn more then you take in essentially. MFP is good because it takes some of the factors that you need to look at and it gives you a target number to take in daily in order to reach your weight loss goal. 
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    HI Everyone!

    K- Heres a website I used to calculate my BMR and then it gives directions from there on figuring out based on your activity level and your weight loss goals how to determine your daily calorie intake. I did this one and what MFP says and theyre about 200 calories off from each other so I just try to stay in the range of them both.

    Pedulaney and K: I'm doing the insanity workouts right now and I love them, I've been doing the month 1 videos for about a month and half now becuase haven't exactly followd the 2 month plan. After only 4 weeks of doing them and not even every day I had already lost inches and could see the difference in my muscles. The best was feeling so much more in shape.

    My personal opinion is that insanity is better for weightloss since its a high intensity work out with a lot of cardio where as P90x is better for toning since it uses more strength training. If either seems like what you want but too intense to start off with check out beach bodys website because they have several other workout programs that are less intense.

    My mom does the brazillian butt lift workout videos right now and I've done a few with her and even though I felt ridiculous doing them it wasn't hard to get through the workout like insanity but can always tell after the workouts that it really worked my muslces.

    Now my accountability part!
    E: Brazillian Butt Lift Sculpting Video
    B: Protein Shake
    S1: Greek yogurt with a little honey and fresh strawberries
    L: Half a wheat ham and cheese sandwich and edamame
    S2: Cliff Mojo Bar
    E: Rock climbing for hour and half and then ran 2 miles on the treadmill to try out my new shoes(felt amazing! so glad my friend convinced me to invest the money in a good pair)
    D: lean chicken breast with pineapple habenaero sauce, green beans, and half a cup of rice
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    boomboom1243boomboom1243 member
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    losing weight is easy if you have the desire. ive lost over 100lbs was 220 now 115.. i was depressed ive always had weight problems but stayed skinny through horseback riding. after highschool couldnt afford it and i ate the same amount plus cuz i was bored. now i am on a high protein diet my food consist of these basic items::

    breafast: isopure zero carb protien shake u can mix with milk for added protein i perfer water(i add sugar free jello powder the same flavor as the drink makes it delicious!!) or greek yogurt( i add splenda to mask the sourcream taste)

    lunch- my compnay offers free food at lunch so i eat what ever they make so its usally chicken, turkey,things like that sometimes they have pasta but they alwasy have a salad bar so i skip any carbs and go to the veggies and put sliced turkey on my salad and roasted edamame adds lots of protein for just a 1/4 cup AND it replaces crutons

    dinner- usually chicken, ground turkey, fish and veggie

    meat should be no bigger than the palm of your hand. veggies should be around the size of your hand. snacks are bad try not to snack because it develops bad habits. and exercise i excersied alot in the beginning but now that i am maintaining i dont much but i do play softball and go on walks. this works for me everyone should consult a nutritionist before anything. and make sure you take you vitamins and drink lots of water. avoid sodium and fizzy drinks and try not to use splenda as much because i hear it makes u crave foods. dont let no time bog u down. u have chinese food get the healthy option with sauce on the side. u have pizza get a salad and i usually just eat the toppings. healthy eating is capable even if you are eating out but know what you are eating.

    CARBS ARE YOUR ENEMY. but feel free to cheat once aweek on something so u dont feel restricted. cheating once a week is actually good for weight loss/maintence. whole grains are ok but only eat about a tablespoon worth if u feel that meat and veggies do not fill you up
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    Carbs aren't necessarily bad. Complex carbs such as whole grains have actually shown to have great health and weight management benefits. As an edurance athlete, if I didn't eat carbs at least once every couple of days, I'd keel over. My gylcogen stores from my regular carb intake are what allows me to have two and three workouts whenever I want. 
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    I am training for a half marathon, so I have to eat some carbs throughout the day or I would die. I have tried p90 and did it for about four weeks but got super burnt out. I am trying to watch what I eat a lot more, but I am horrible at tracking. However, I have lost 3.5 lbs in the past two weeks, so I'm super excited about that! Only 15-20 more to go...ugh. 
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    I agree with cnf on the carbs, just by chance one week I had not had already any carbs and i could  not get through my work outs. And as for high protein diets they're great for the right people. If your not doing enough to need that much protein its not neccessary. Healthy eating is important but in the end like cnf said earlier it all comes down to math, calories in versus calories out.

    As for snacking its bad to snack on unhealthy things but its good to eat several times a day. Its better to eat like 5 small meals a day rather then 3 large ones helps keep your metabloism always going and at least for me prevents me from getting to that starving point where I tend to overeat. You just have to make sure the snacks are something healthy but that you still enjoy. And making sure to measure out your snacks into the correct portions is also really important because eating from the bag you never really know how much you've had.
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    Today was not any better. Still drank way too much soda and eat too much chocolate.

    B - small bowl of cheerios and medium iced coffee
    L -I drank the rest of the 1.5 liter of Mt. Dew and vow to not drink it for at least the next month. I had two turkey hot dogs (no buns) with ketchup.

    S- 5 Fun Size Snickers.

    D - leftover chicken tortilla casserole and a scoopie (Culver's kid cup) of Arbor Mist Strawberry Mango Moscato (FI was out with the bank crew --bank picked up tab so I had a nice relaxing evening)

    S- 5 PB Dove Chocolates

    E - Definitely lacked here again today. Only exercise was walking from classroom to copier a few times and up and down steps.
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    Ok I know I'm like 5 days late but its been a rough week and I've been at the hospital everyday so I'll try to remember what I had Thursday. I know it wasn't good for many reasons but here it goes... B: my usual whole wheat bagel thin with baby bell spreadable cheese L: an apple and a few handfuls of non-salted roasted almonds D: I went out to eat with my mom (which is never healthy), my sister and nieces, I had cheese fries with bacon, a thanksgiving sandwich one multi-grain bread and half a bottle of pink lemonade (which I used to love but couldn't even drink because it was so sweet) No exercise again considering I got home at 11pm took a shower and went straight to bed.
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