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Tuesday Accountability

I just tried this, but it didb't seem to stick. I don't know if it's my computer, or TK.....trying again
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Re: Tuesday Accountability

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    B- breakfast drink
    L- PB&J with crackers and some canteloupe
    S- 100 calorie pack of cookies
    D- Steak with grilled asparagus and mixed veggies

    Water all day, no soda. And I'm being a good girl and not having any of the noodles FI is making (we are having dinner at FI parents house.) But I'm sooo hungry, I hope I don't over eat.

    Sorry if this posted twice
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    B- black coffee
    L- lean cuisine cheese tortellini and the second serving of a lean cuisine pita bread and spinach dip (I ate so much frozen food it's gross)
    D- wegmans turkey and veggie on organic multigrain

    E- lifted weights at work. skipping spinning because it's over 100* today and the spin room isn't air condintioned.

    I started my period early, it's 94* in our house according the thermostat, and I just saw a message FI sent me an hour ago saying his aunt flew in for his moms birthday and they're coming tomorrow. Which means it's 7pm and I have to clean the house. It's a flucking disaster in here, we've been so busy with the deck and tracking so much dirt. I plan on buying a cake cup from tops. It's where the take day old bakery cakes and cut them up and put them in take out cups with pudding and whipped cream. Horrible and aweomse all at once. 
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    B: whole wheat bagel with cheese S: banana L: half of chicken ceaser wrap, small corn on the cob and small cup of fruit salad I had a few life savers not really a snack or healthy but I was bored. Went to the hospital to see my grandfather so no exercise D: a bowl of honey nut cheerios
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    Tuesday was an ok with eating and working out.

    E: Insanity workout
    B: Quaker Granola cereal with non fat milk
    L: Chineses chicken salad
    S: Guacamole with one small bag of doritos(im weird i prefer doritios with guac over tortilla chips)
    E: Rock climbed for two hours
    S: Chocolate Protein Shake wth peanut butter
    D: Marie calendars frozen chicken pot pie(not healthy but was under my calories from exercise so went for it :)
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