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C & V Thursday

Confessions and vents...I know you've got 'em, let's hear 'em!!

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    C: This is really random, but I wish I could get into horseback riding again. I miss it, and my legs could really use the exercise. It's just so expensive. Even just to get the boots and helmet that i would need.

    V: I am starting to dislike my job .My hours, 9-5, are totally wrong for me, and when I interviewed for this job I was under the impression that I wouldn't always have to work 9-5. Actually, it was never expressed to me that I would be given that shift at all. It's really hard with grad school. I am going for my masters in special ed and severe disabilities, and I am required to do 20 hours of field work for it. It is so hard because 9-5 is essentially the school day in the worl of students with severe disabilties who don' go to public school. I finally got someone to contact me back from an autism center, but they start at 8:30am. I am terrified to ask my job if I can come in late for like a week or so, because tey always give such a hard time about schedule. Meanwhile ,our 2 supervisors leave at 3:30 everyday!!!!! Shoulnd't there be one supervisor on at all times? They leave us 3 new girls alone from 4-5, and I think it's crap. They come and go as they please and don't need to ever ask permission. And one of them goes to the same grad school as me, you'd think she'd understand my struggle and be sympathetic, but no, I just sent them an email yesterday requesting to swicth my shift with the girl who has 8:30-4:30 so I can take an intersession class that is 4:30-9:30pm in Janurary for 7 days, and I haven't heard back yet. I need to take intersession, because when the class is offered again in summer session II, I'll be on my honeymoon. I have this bad feeling they are going to say no, even though they won't have a good reason. But now that I asked to change in Jan, how can I ask to come in late? Ughh, this post is startin to go all over the place, but basically I am just really frustrated and I just wish that it was a nicer environment that would promote me going for my masters and be more understanding, esp when my 2 supervisors do whatever the fack they want.

    Sorry about all the types, I'm rushing because I have to go to said job.
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    Confession: I wrote a post about still not being able to choose a dress, but it sounded stupid, and I deleted it.

    Vent: Things are bad, but they could be worse. My car blew a head gasket, and we have to use part of the wedding budget to buy a new (used) car. I'm lucky to have it, though. I'm giving the dead car to my son and his school auto shop to fix. I live close to work. One of my coworkers has offered to drive me to and from work until I can get a car. She drives like a maniac, so I hope I live that long.

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    My job that I just vented about let me switch my schedule so I can take that class. But now I have a new vent. My car broke on the way to work today. The steering wheel locked up while driving, and I had to have it towed. I made it to work luckily, but who knows how much this will cost.
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    Vent: I made a ton of appointments for wedding things next Friday, BM dresses, flowers, and an apt to see my venue again, and I was told that I can't have the day off work. I have no free time in the next coming weeks, and I really wanted to get this sh!t done and out of the way before the holidays. This is also the only time that my BM is in town before the wedding.

    Now I have to call and cancle everything.
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    I guess today's C & V theme is job and car woes.

    Confession: Despite working an extra 10 or so hours last week and over the weekend, I'm still behind at work, with no end in sight.

    Vent: Both my fiance and I have to get tires put on our cars this weekend. So I guess we can kiss about a grand goodbye (he has an SUV, so his tires are just stupidly expensive).

    At least my sister's wedding is this weekend, so I'll be able to drown my sorrows at the open bar.

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    C: I am secretly planning to move us out of my moms. I'm trying to see what I can afford. I've never paid my own bills. My ex and I were married young and he always took care of those things. I am terrified that I will fail. I can't tell my mom because then she will make our lives miserable.
     V: A friend of mine came out from Australia and we were supposed to meet up with another friend of mine and take all our kids out. I took my kids out of school for the day and they are missing an awesome field trip, but I thought, hey, who knows when she will make it to the states again. Well, since our one friend was sick, she totally flaked on me!! Now I have my 5 kids home and my little ones are whining cuz they are missing their field trip with their friends.My feeling are so hurt that she totally forgot about me.
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    Sorry to hear about the crappy week everyone's having with their cars, etc.

    I know I'm late but I just have to get this out...

    Vent: I'm about ready to kill my mother.  My son recently joined the Masons and attained his 3rd degree, which I couldn't be prouder of.  My mother is very upset he didn't join the lodge attached to our OES chapter but that group doesn't really suit him.  I figured we were just lucky to get him in this early and I was happy he chose to join at all and found a lodge he really associates with.  After he joined I started asking him to join OES in hopes that one day he might become active in the chapter he joined.  I asked him to join knowing full well that he wouldn't be active initially and it may never be "his thing".  He agreed to join because I asked.  I knew this and I made my mother aware of it.  He was still trying to decide whether to join my primary chapter (which my mom is a member of) or my dual chapter (which is a much more fun chapter and is associated with his lodge) when last Saturday (about a week after he said he'd join Star) my mother walked over to where he was and told him that she would disown him if he joined my dual chapter.  Well that completely turned him off of joining altogether and it took me a good hour of talking to him to convince him to go ahead and proceed with joining.  I am SOOOOOOO angry at my mother.  The day she told him she'd disown him was one of our OES get togethers and she was there.  I came in late because I'd been talking my son down from her comment and when I got there she made some comment about me being late so I told her that I was late because SOMEONE told my son she'd disown him if he joined my dual chapter.  She got PO'd and wouldn't talk to me the rest of the day!!  Seriously, what is this, high school?  What happened to just being glad we were building up membership in the organization?!

    Which leads me to my confession: I was a complete beeeootch to my mother and I feel a little bad about it because she's my mother but I seriously think she had NO right to tell my son that she'd disown him.
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