June 2013 Weddings

What do you think?

So this week has been rough. I had everything planned for a wedding ceremony on the beach, and then a reception in my parents yard, I wanted it vintage and homey. (Thankfully no calls were made to reserve and I didn't look for dresses). But seeing as we're tight on money, and I'd prefer to put that whole wad of cash onto our first home, we decided we're going to elope. Hotels in the south have beautiful wedding packages and they don't cost much... you get your officiant,papers,wine & dine, bouquet, present, cake and all for some as low as 500$CND. I'm glad the wedding is so far away so we can really decide on what we want. The only question now is,.. where? What do you girls think? 

Bonus:Beach wedding dresses are sooo much cheaper, and just as beautiful.
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