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July Sig Challenge - VENUE

Let's see those photos of your venue!


How to make a sig:

1. Choose your picture. upload it onto a photo hosting site- I like photobucket. it's free.

2. Click on "update signature" on the left side bar.

3. Use this code to make your picture show up:

<img src="**" width="180px" />

**s. take them out. place the direct link to your photo there (where the **'s are). and that's it!

If you want to, you can write(before or after the picture) June 2013 Sig Challenge - ABC123 or something of that nature. totally up to you.

Also, you can play with the 180. if you have a wider picture, it might be best to make it about 200 or 220. if you have a taller picture, it might be best to make it smaller. just, please, keep in mind that people will be looking at this for the next month and please don't take up the entire screen!

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