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Am I Crazy!!?? Not sure what to do!!

Ok, so here's a little bit about my situation, I got engaged on 2/14/12! I was so excited and automatically we choose June of 2013 to be our wedding date!! Back in February I had over a year to plan and thought I had tons of time!! Well one of the things we had to do for a our wedding was to get married in a Catholic Church, come to find out since I have been married before at our local courthouse, before we could set a date I had to get a annulment! At this time I was also pregnant and was due in June! Well I waited to have the baby and after our household calmed down a bit I filed for my annulment (which was a easy one bc I got married at a courthouse) and last Wednesday we set a date with the priest because my annulment was approved! We orginally wanted 6-29-13, but bc of our son being born on 06/23/12, we thought that might be to much all in one week, so we pushed the date up to 06/01/13! So far we have the church reserved and our reception (deposit is due in 3 weeks, so we can change our mind if we want) but now since we have a date and I am in full wedding planning mode I am starting to get overwhelmed and thinking that 9 months might not be enough time and thats where I need advice!! I have been trying to convince FI that maybe we should push back the wedding to 08/09/14. I know thats a little less then 2 years away but thats the day we started dating and that year we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary, but FI doesnt wanna wait that long! Me on the other hand want to have the wedding of my dreams and I am starting to feel that I wont be able to plan in 9 months and dont just want to settle because of time (If that makes sense!) So my question is do you think I have enough time to plan in 9 months normally, meaning being about to research a lot before deciding on things and not deciding on the first thing i look into because of time? and do you think it would be a good idea to push the wedding back another year and 11 months to August 9th!! I just dont know what to do and wanna cry!!! :(
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