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June 2013 Weddings

wedding in backyard

Hi,  My grandmother has a very nice lanscaped backyard and my parents along with my other aunts and uncles have gotten married in her back yard but it was so long ago. So I was wondering what the pros and cons were of having an outdoor wedding in your backyard. Thanks

Re: wedding in backyard

  • I can't speak from experience. I would say it depends on your preference. Do you want to get married in her yard? Will it fit your guest list? Does the weather usually cooperate in your area? Do you have a back up plan? I think it also depends on your budget - if you plan to rent a large tent and bathrooms can you afford it? Originally FI and I considered an outdoor wedding/reception but in MA you never know what the weather is going to do. Plus tents (or at least the ones I liked and wanted pushed my budget close to 100k and it just didn't seem logical)
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  • You need a serious backup plan in case of inclement weather. Can her house hold the number of invited guests? Will you rent a tent? Things like that. 

    Backyard weddings  can also be deceptively expensive because you need to hire out/rent everything. Things like tables and chairs, linens, serveware, lighting for after dark, a dancefloor, etc. that are provided by a venue that is used to hosting either weddings or other special events. You may need to invest in porta potties and generator too, to make sure you don't compromise her home and so that vendors have enough electricity without blowing out her houses power supply. 

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  • Honestly, I think you would have better luck having your questions answered in the "Outdoor Wedding" section. But other PPs have brought up a good point. You have to consider more than just a beautiful landscaping to host a wedding. 

    Good luck! 
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  • thanks for the response's it has definatly gave me something to think about 
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