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Bridesmaid Dresses Question

So I'm starting to look around at BM dresses and I have a question - have you girls ever been to a wedding/seen pictures where the BMs are wearing dresses of the same color/length but different styles? I've never seen it before, but I feel like it will be the easiest way for me, since some of my BMs are from out of country, I don't want them to go through the hustle of ordering on-line and returning if something is off with the dress. They are in Russia so there is no David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo or any other big chain store there. So that's why I'm leaning towards just sending them a color description and length (maybe a few pictures to give ideas) and then let them go from there. What do you all think?

Also, MOH and BMs usually pay for their own dresses, right? Just wanted to make sure since FI keeps talking about paying for tuxes for his GM, so it gets me all confused. lol
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Re: Bridesmaid Dresses Question

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    I'm thinking about doing the same thing. I want my bridesmaids to have a dress that they look great in. Mine will definitely have the same length and color and I'm thinking they should have the same designer as well because each designer's yellow is a little different. I think different dresses look great. It might also be helpful to specify one fabric because colors look different between the different fabric choices. 

    Yes, they generally do pay for their own dresses. If FI wants to pay for the tuxes then that's great but it's not required that you do so. 
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    A girl I'm friends with on FB just got married this past weekend and hers did. Her BM's were all in the same color, fabric and length but different styles. Her MOH (her twin sister) was in a different style and color but same fabric. It looked cute actually. 

    edited, so everyone knows I feel like a creep for posting her picture, haha. 

    And my girls will all be in the same dress. I'm anal like that. 
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    Hi, yes traditionally bridesmaid pay for their own dresses.

    As for the same color but different styles I'm actually in a wedding this fall where she let us pick our own dresses with her approval from a designer with a given length and color.

    The only thing I would be worried about is that between designers even the same named color will look different so if there is some way to find a designer that they can get in theri country and here that would ideally keep everything uniform. At least send a color swatch of the exact color you are wanting so they can try to best match that if cant go with same designers.

    Idk if you colors would allow for if but like maybe having everyone in varying shades of your color? So that way everyone is in a slightly different shade of the color but it will still all flow together.

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    Thanks girls!

    Sjmiller, we are doing purple, so it should be pretty easy to do different shades since there is like a million of them!
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    I am doing the one color (fuchsia) with different styles. I don't know what my one maid is wearing- she didn't say if she liked the same dress as my FI sister or not. My MOH is pregnant currenlty and will pick her dress this fall, which probably won't be the same dress as FI sister since she'll be wanting to hide "baby pooch" (I think she will look wonderful next June regardless, but you don't argue with a pregnant lady!) My cousin is trying to loose some weight, but didn't think the dress FSIL chose would compliment her, so she has picked one out, but hasn't tried it on. The only thing I'm adament about is that it is satin, just like the FSIL dress. I noticed that the color looks different on other fabrics. I am very happy with my decision!
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    I am hoping to get convertable dresses for my girls. Same color but they can wear them the way they feel comfortable. Since they do pay for the dresses themselves, I really want something that they will wear again. The dresses can be ordered on line and since FI sister (she's going to be a bridesmaid) is in Thailand she can get hers and play around with it.
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    I'm actually doing the different style thing. I've told my girls chocolate brown, knee length and that I'd prefer a chiffon fabric. They're all such different body types that I'm worried we wouldn't find one that everyone likes. I'm planning on just taking them to Alfred Angelo and letting them pick what they're comfortable in and what works for their budget. 
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    I have been going back and forth on this too!  I love looking at the real weddings page on here and I saw a bridal party that had grey dresses and they were all completely different.  and it looked AMAZING!  I even thought about switching my color!  I too am using purple and do not think some purples compliment each other...the greys looked really good light dark one girl even had like a print kindof.  I haven't officially decided yet but I am leaning on letting the girls pick what they want but I have to see it and approve before purchase!  I know that sounds crazy - an added thing to deal with but I really would like the girls to be happy!
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    I'm going BM dress shopping this weekend. I plan on having them all in the same dress but having my sister and older niece alter the dress so my sister has cap sleeves and my niece has one shoulder, the rest will be strapless. That way everyone is comfortable and happy. Hopefully my plan works!
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