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Good morning, ladies!!

Anyone have any exciting plans this weekend? I can't believe we're already mid-way through August.

I'm going to spend most of the weekend on the couch, I think. I had a minor surgical procedure yesterday, and I'm pretty sore from it. I'm hoping to rally this evening to go out and see my future brother in law one last time before he leaves for his new job in Afghanistan. I've also got to save up my energy because tomorrow night is my sister's bachelorette party. And then Sunday my parents are having a big family picnic. Ugh. I'd much rather lay here on the couch watching bad tv all weekend.

Edit: That last paragraph was sounded kind of whiny. Ick.

Re: Friday!!

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    Wellll, hey, I couldn't remember who usually started these, so I got one going to! Let's keep yours going. Can I delete a post, or do I need Dee for that?

    Yay Friday! My week was painfully long! I had no programs and no work to do all week. Today I finally have a program to go to around 10:30, so that's exciting.

    We're planning on completely finishing the deck this weekend, so fingers crossed. We have all the deck railings and posts up. We need to put up the stair posts and railings, then the balusters and the whole thing will be done! Well, we'll still have to put up lattice around the bottom to keep the dog from going under it and digging, but that can be done anytime before the winter. We aren't too concerned. I'm so pumped to be done with this, it's been like two and half months.

    Also, we have a cake tasting tomorrow. I'm very excited for free cake.

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    Nothing exciting happening over here. FI works till 9 tonight so I'll be catching up on my shows, especially last night's Four Weddings. Tomorrow I'll be running around getting new tires, helping my mom get a new phone, etc. FI has a bachelor party in Foxwoods tom night and won't be home till Sunday. Maybe I'll do something with my girlfriends, or just enjoy some time to myself. And that's it. Hope you guys have more exciting plans than I do.
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    FI has a surprise for me today he told me last night so that's pretty exciting. I think we're going to try to have a pretty laid back and relaxed weekend. We might watch some movies, do some laundry things like that. Our weekends have been pretty busy so he's kind of dying for a relaxing weekend. FI is driving his parents to the airport on Sunday so they don't have to leave their car there for two weeks though. They're going on some kind of train trip. Hope your weekends are nice ladies!
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    Sounds like everyone's got good stuff to look forward to this weekend.

    Beth, hope the surprise is awesome!! That's cute that he's planning something for you.

    MrsK, if the Greek festival has something on their menu called "Greek fries", get them. They're french fries with Greek seasonings and topped with crumbled feta. They're so freaking good.

    rmp, I watched that episode of Four weddings last night. It was funny, my fiance was in the room with me "not watching " it, but he kept up commentary on all the weddings.

    cnf, hope you guys get the deck done!! Post pics once you get everything done. I'm jealous of your two level deck. I'd love to have one, but our back door opens out onto our patio. We've got a huge front porch though, so I'll live, I guess.
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    Finally get to figure out what FI surprise is! He came home with these. I love it when he does this! 

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    I helped our new students today by showing them some important places on campus and answering a ton of questions. My roommate moved in today so there's that. I have a meeting tonight and another one pretty well all afternoon tomorrow. Then our school's Welcome Back Picnic where there's a ton of awesome free stuff and a table for me to work Sunday. Classes start Monday so I'm enjoying my time here before that. Next weekend, I'm going to the NASCAR race in Bristol so that will be way more exciting.
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    we are going home when i get out of work today for a few days! my weekend is a little off bc of work!
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    Today we are going the Tigers baseball game with my FIs fraternity from college. We always have over 200 people, so we have to rent a party deck, should be a lot of fun.

    Tomorrow we have a meeting at the church where we are planning on getting married at to see if our marriage gets approved. Very nervous for this! I have no idea what they are going to ask.

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