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So help me, if my FI does NOT stop adding people to our guest list, I am going to smack him!!

It's not like he's having a hard time choosing people he sees on a daily or even monthly or heck even yearly basis. Some of the people he wants to invite, he hasn't seen since elementary school. I mean... COME ON!! We can't afford it. I'm not inviting some of my high school friends that I still keep in touch with, because frankly, I don't want to pay $50 just to have them there. I want people who know us and love us to be there. He's inviting cousins and second cousins that he's met maybe once. UGH!!!

When I reserved the banquet hall, I told the wedding coordinater that we had a list of 125 people, now we are up to 208!!! I know some people won't be coming, but if we invite them, shouldn't we make sure that there is room for them???
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Re: UGH!!!

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    If you invited them then you should definitely make sure there's enough room for them!

    I'm sorry he just wants everyone to know that he's found his soul mate and share all your happiness with the world. We went through that a while ago. Our guest list was at 299 people at one point. It's now back to 188. 

    You just need to talk to him about it, and ask him what can really be afforded and ask him if you're really going to be able to make time to socialize with everyone the way you'd like to. People are going to be seeing pictures so they do have that to look forward to, but they don't necessarily need to be there. 

    I hope you can cut your list to where you want. 
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    Sorry your FI is being difficult. I agree with bethsuch, just have a conversation with him so that he can see how much it would add up to. Maybe you can "bribe" him with having a nicer honeymoon or being able to splurge on something that he really wants (wedding related or not) by saving up all that money?
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    My FI does the same thing!  He was so bent out of shape of the cost to begin with (my parents are paying for it too!  Not like its our bill, but we were both on the same page we didn't want them spending a crazy amount) and then we finalized the guest list and whenever he runs into people he hasn't seen in years he always invites them to the wedding!  I've been battling whether or not to add college sorority friends, and he just invites away now!  I look at it that at least he's excited for the wedding, but you are right that he needs to be aware of the max guest list your venue can even hold and what your budget is.  We always think not everyone will come, but there is always a possibility so you need to be prepared!

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