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Real vs. Fake Flower Bouquets

Has anyone given any thought to their bouquets yet? I'm having some conflict with trying to decide if I want to go real or fake. Fake is extremely cheaper, but well...they are fake. I want real flowers because in my opinion they look better and then of course they have that awesome flowery smell lol, but the cost adds up. I'm going to need my bouquet, 5 bouquets for the MOH and BMs, 6 boutonniere for FI and 5 GMs, and 4 corsages for my mom, his mom, and my grandmothers (both of his passed away).
My mother is against the real flowers just because she thinks fake ones are just as good but she also hasn't been the most supportive person in the world about this wedding so she tends to want to fight all my ideas. If it means I will have to purchase this all myself, then I will.

Do you ladies know which route you are going yet?
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Re: Real vs. Fake Flower Bouquets

  • Def real flowers. If cost is an issue then I would check out stop & shop or your local grocery store. To me, real always looks better. In my area there are even florists that offer a HUGE discount to brides who put the bouquet together themselves - they'll even let you make it an 'event' with your bridal party. 
  • This is actually my biggest concern right now. I'm making myself a brooch bouquet and I'm considering making one for each of the BMs. But then I have to make them for the GMs too! All of that extra work though just freaks me out, I don't know if I'd be pushing myself too thin to get 6-7 bouquets done and 6 boutonniere's. 

    I might just find a flower that fits our color scheme and have them hold a small bouquet. Nothing too big, I've always thought that it looks better when they have 2-5 flowers loosely wrapped with a ribbon. 

    As for real vs fake...I might go towards real-just depends on the flower and the price!

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  • My bouquet will be real flowers because I want calla lillies with mine. My bridesmaids are getting fake ones because I don't see them keeping them long anyway lol

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  • If I weren't doing a brooch bouquet for myself, I'd definitely do real flowers.  Everything else flower related at our wedding will be real.

    Its true, they can be expensive but I think like with everything else with a wedding that you can always work with a budget and make tweaks to what you want to get into the price range you want.

    Like pp's have said, real just looks better.
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  • I completely agree that real just looks way better. I am planning on having all real flowers. For what you listed, I think you could get all that for less than $500 as long as you are not doing centerpieces.
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  • I am doing real but I also know a florist personally who always gives us great deals.  My personal opinion is that fake ones are difficult to make look good unless you intersperse them with real ones.
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  • I'm doing real ones.  I plan on making my own bouquet the day before, and my mom and some of the bridesmaids have volunteered to make the bridesmaids' bouquets as well since a few of them love this kind of stuff.  I spent a lot of time googling how to do it and I plan on practicing a few times before the wedding, so I'm really excited about it!  Otherwise I don't know how I would afford 7 bouquets!  Check out the following link, it has great instructions for how to make bouquets with supermarket flowers!

  • Go with real flowers... I think the extra cost is worth it. Weddings always smell pretty because of the flowers =) lol

    Have you looked into maybe ordering flowers in bulk and making the bouquets? There are several YouTube videos that show you how to do it. I'm looking into it myself.

    My mom hasn't been very supportive either, so I know how you feel.
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  • My best friend did fake flowers for her wedding. IMO her flowers were simply gorgeous! I couldn't believe they were fake. Here is a photo in which you can see a couple of bouquets and standing arrangements. 

    If I remember correctly she spent about $800 purchasing fake flowers and supplies (enough for five bouquets, five boutonnieres, and two standing arrangements). She was quoted around $3,000 for the flowers she wanted originally and decided to go fake to save money. A creative and crafty friend put all the flowers together for her. She was very happy with how they turned out and received a ton of compliments on the flowers... and although this may sound silly I was really happy to take home my MOH bouquet and put it somewhere where I can look at it. :)

    That said, I intend to go with real flowers for my own wedding. I'm on a much tigher budget than my best friend and I don't want to spend anywhere near $800 on flowers. They're just not that important to me or FI. I may consider having my own bouquet done professionally, but I would like to DIY everything else. BM bouquets and GM's bouts will be simple - maybe a single sunflower for the gals and some billy balls for the guys. Center pieces will be low-volume with mixed vases and jars and grocery store-purchased flowers (mixed bouquets).
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  • I'm proud of the idea I have for my bouquet. My ring is very distinctive - saphire center with white diamonds around it - and means a lot to my finace and his family because it was his grandmother's. I want to make my bouquet look like my ring - white flowers around a blue flower center.

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