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Newly engaged!!

Hey everyone! I just got engaged, but I'm so excited, I have already started doing a bit of planning. My fiancé and I have been together 3 years now, but I am finishing school in April, so we decided on June 2013 as a tentative plan for our wedding! I've always wanted a spring or summer wedding, but I wanted to have plenty of time for planning and to save money.

Just wanted to introduce myself, hopefully will be getting to know you all better over the next 18 months!!


Re: Newly engaged!!

  • Congrats and welcome to the June 2013 board!

    I'm Lindsey, I'll be graduating from school in May 2013. Same deal, My Fi and I needed time and money as well! lol
  • Thank you, Lindsey!!
  • Hello, congratulations and Welcome!! My name I'd Amanda. I also go to School but will not graduate until 2014. Fi and i are waiting til 2013 to save money as well ( he's already graduated). Looking forward to getting to know you!!!

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  • Hi Amanda!! And thanks for the welcome!! :)
  • Hello and Congrats!

    I too am in school, going for the PhD though so I won't be graduating until maybe 2015.  I wanted to get married before I had to start hunkering down on my dissertation when I wouldn't have any time for planning...

    We decided on 2013 like everyone else for the time and to save money, it's been awesome because I know we will have the money for it without having to borrow or anything.  Plus you tend to get 1st pick of dates and such with all the vendors...
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  • Hi Ashlidie! I agree about the vendors! We plan on having a somewhat small and very casual wedding; we're paying ourselves, and it's my second wedding. But, I still plan on going to look at a couple places for the ceremony and reception next month and hopefully booking! I want to have venue out of the way, the rest won't seem as stressful, I think.My first wedding was just at the JOP so I do want this slightly bigger :-)

    Can't wait to start sharing more!!
  • Welcome, congrats, and happy planning!
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  • Hi Rachel! Congratulations! My fiance and I have been engaged for 3 years (I know right? LOL and it will be 5 yrs total by the time we get married in June 2013) but have been together for 5 years. We had started planning our wedding even though I was pregnant with our son but when I went into preterm labor (had my son at 28 weeks as opposed to 40 weeks) there was just too much going on to continue the planning. And after that (our son turned 2 in August) money was just too tight with all of the medical bills for my sons 8 week stay in the NICU. We finally have decided that it is time and we are saving, saving, saving! But, it will still be a budgeted wedding, we aren't super stars afterall. :P

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  • I totally didn't even introduce myself name wise, wow! LOL. I'm Shyanne. :)
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  • Hi and welcome to the June 2013 board :)

    Congrats on your engagement!!
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