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Tuesday Accountability

B- black coffee, 2 mini mr. goodbars (our secretary's candy bucket reappeared on her desk yesterday. This may get tragic for me)
L- Wegmans roasted viggie sub
D- refried beans and a piece of chicken sprinkled with monterey jack cheese
S- apple

E-walked my dog a mile. That was it. I missed spinning because the stupid youth counselors left my Yates county office unlocked and at five my boss called and asked me to drive there and lock it. Uhhh, so dumb. 
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Re: Tuesday Accountability

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    B: Toast & apple butter
    L: I'm totally blanking on what I had, but it wasn't bad.
    D: A salad and leftover mushroom stroganoff
    S1: Cheese curls
    S2: A little piece of chocolate covered coffee and a couple rolls of smarties.

    E: Walked 3 miles.
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    B: banana S: raw almonds L: chicken and wild rice soup (againnnnn) D: red pepper strips and hummus S: one square of ghirardelli dark chocolate E: jogged/ran 2 miles without stopping once! (big deal)
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    B: banana S: peanut and almond, peanut butter nature's valley bar L: turkey club w/ cheese no mayo S: Hershey dark chocolate bar D: steak, chicken and white rice with a little butter S: 2 strawberries and a piece of dove dark chocolate Again no exercise but there is a new planet fitness opening right down the street in a week or two. I can't wait!  No excuses after that.
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