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Ladies! So... it's not set in stone yet but we may be moving our wedding back a month to July. Aaahhhhh! 

Here in San Diego we usually get hit with "June Gloom" - meaning it stays cool and overcast throughout the month. Since we're planning on an outdoor ceremony FI thinks we should push back to July. I am not sure if the weather will differ much between June and July though... ?

Also, he has a couple of cousins who are graduating from high school next June. We don't know the dates yet, but if they are numerous and spread out it will probably be too much of a pain in the ass to try and work around them. 

I'm feeling bothered because I'm the kind of person who likes to make a plan and stick to it! Once I have an idea in my head (i.e. "today I'm going to get my nails done") I want to hang onto it for dear life and I get upset when that idea doesn't come to fruition, or when plans have to be changed. LOL. It's not that big of a deal, really. Honestly the thing that bugs me the most is the possibility of having to switch month boards on TK! I really like it here and I like you all. When FI brought up the July idea the first thing I said was "but then I'll have to leave my June 2013 board on TK!" Haha. 

Well I will let you ladies know what the final decision is soon. Gotta discuss some more with FI and our families. 
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Re: July?!?!

  • I'm actually doing my wedding around my daughter's high school graduation. Almost all of our guests will be OOT and my parents are really weird about travel. We are having my wedding on a Friday night and my daughter's graduation party the next Saturday evening. We did this because I didn't want my family to choose between my wedding and my daughter's graduation. We just talked my parents into coming to my daughter's graduation, there was no way we were going to talk them into both. They would not make the trip from Iowa to Texas twice in one year.
    Everyone seems to be ok with it so that's what we are doing. It's alot of work but oh well. I thrive under pressure..lol

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  • kt, that makes sense. I think it's great that your parents will be able to attend both your wedding and their granddaughter's grad party in one trip! Sounds like it's going to be an amazing weekend filled with family and celebrations and partying. :) 

    We are getting married in San Diego and FI's family will have to travel here from Michigan. We wouldn't want his aunts and uncles to be faced with a choice between our wedding and their kids' graduations. I mean, I'm sure they would choose the graduations (at least I hope so) but we would feel bad planning our wedding at a time when we know they wouldn't be able to make it.
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