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Monday Accountability

MrsK, you aren't playing right! 

B- black coffee
L- lean cuisine broccoli alfredo
s- two small slices of pumpkin pie (oops)
D- turkey with cheddar cheese and light 1000 island dressing on a roll, handful of kettle chips, fired pickle, six onion rings (we went out to dinner)
s- one more tiny piece of pie, 3 glasses of wine

E- walked my dog a few miles. 

On the grind today!
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Re: Monday Accountability

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    B: 2 pieces of toast w/pumpkin butter
    L: Ham & cheese Lean Pocket & a little 3 Musketeers bar
    S: Plum & 2 cups of kettle corn
    D: Large salad w/light ranch, 1 cup of chicken & chorizo paella
    S: Banana-pineapple cupcake

    Then I blew it by eating potato chips and another little candy bar before bed, I was freaking starving and my fiance was sitting there, snacking away, and I totally caved.

    E: 75 minutes of hot yoga.
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    B: Black coffee and a slice of coffee cake
    L: 3 slices of pizza and a cupcake (we went to my daughter's friends b-day party)
    S1: Strawberries
    S2: Black coffee
    D: Grilled cheese with fresh tomatoes and a handful of potato chips

    No exercise
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    B carnation instant breakfast L half cup pasta S frosted mini wheats D popcorn shrimp and 4 wings. S 2 cookies No exercise. Non work days screw me.
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    B- Calorie Free Rockstar
    L- Slim Fast & Yoplait Greek Yogurt
    D-Papa Murphy's Chicken, Spinach & Artichoke Pizza (3 pieces oops!)
    S-None today!

    E-None, but I did about 18 flights of stairs at work :)
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    I need to start doing this again!

    B- 2 Kashi blueberry waffles w/light syrup
    S-apple, cup of sugar free cocoa
    L- lentil soup & goldfish crackers, grapes
    S- 6 water crackers w/a laughing cow cheese wedge
    D- Trader Joe's veggie fried rice with chicken-less morsels and veggies
    S- Luna bar

    Was so tired today, didn't exercise:(
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