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One year to go!!

So I am officially a June 7, 2013 bride and today is the one year mark!

I cannot wait for all the planning but I want to know what everyone has checked off their list of to dos at the one year mark. Because all we really have is the place and colors picked out! And everyone keeps telling me how the one year is a wake up call.
So tell me all your experiences when you hit the one year mark!

I write about my wedding and wedding planning in my blog if anyone is interested in checking it out :)
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Re: One year to go!!

  • Congrats!

    I know a lot of the girls on this board have been engaged for awhile so there are several people that have quite a bit done.

    Me personally I have my ceremony location, my venue, my florist, my DJ, my photographer and my dress. Sometimes I feel like I have a lot accomplished and then other times (like now) I feel like I have nothing done!

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  • I have our venue (ceremony and reception in the same place), a photographer, a videographer, a DJ, and I got my dress ordered. But I'm in Boston area and everything gets booked super quick here! And congrats on your one year mark!!!

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  • Congrats on hitting the one year mark!! I've got the venue, DJ, photographer, caterer, and the shuttle squared away. I also have my dress and I've bought some of my decorating stuff- the archway we're using for the ceremony, vases for centerpieces, etc. I've been engaged since the end of last August, so I've had time to work on stuff.
  • I have my venue (ceremony and reception in the same location and includes food and alcohol, tables, linens, decor, etc.), DJ, photographer, officiant (FI's cousin). On my one year mark (June 1st) I called made myaelf two dress shopping appointments for July. 
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  • Congrats on hitting the one year mark! I have my ceremony and reception venues (which includes food and alcohol), photographer, photobooth, we have meetings set up with a DJ and are looking for a videographer, and I am going dress shopping on Saturday. I have been engaged since August, so I feel like I am a bit slow moving compared to others around here, but I am close to hitting the one year mark and it really has been a kick in the butt, and all FI wants to talk about is where we should go for the HM.
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  • Congrats on your one year mark! We have our venue (ceremony and reception with food etc.), DJ, and photographer (music, lighting, and Photobooth) booked. I feel like I have nothing done yet. I think once I go dress shopping for either me or my BM I'll feel like I accomplished something.
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  • Congrats on your 1 year mark! 

    I actually hit mine today. So far we have the ceremony & reception venue (one spot), DJ, photographer, rings, I have my dress, we've asked our bridal party, we have the photo booth and we know who we're using for the caterer. I'm also in the Boston area where things book up fast but now that I have the big things I'm taking a break planning until the fall. 
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  • wooohooo! my one year mark is today :)

    we've been engaged for just under 6 months, so we have our venue, dj, florist, and photographer booked. the venue and photographer were the first 2 things we booked, because obviously the reception spot is a big deal and the photographer we went with books up well in advance (when we booked for 2013 in feb, they were 50% full for dates in the 2013 wedding season, after doing our E-session 3 weeks ago, they have 5 dates left). I'd say if there is something super important to you and your fiance, to make that one of the next things you book, so that you have time to compare your options and pick exactly what you want!

    we also have a rough guest list which i'd like to get finalized shortly for the save the dates (at least the family and family friend parts of the list). some days i feel like i am very on top of things and organized, but other days i feel like i'm behind. i think its pretty normal :)

    best of luck with your planning!
  • Mac627Mac627 member
    My one year mark will be next week.  I've been engaged since April, and so far I pretty much only have the venue (ceremony, reception, caterer, cake all included).  I'm mostly researching and meeting with different vendors, but haven't made any decisions.  This is so much work!! I'm trying to focus on one vendor at a time.  Right now, I'm meeting with photographers and yesterday I went to try on dresses for the first time!  Once I book a photographer, I'll focus on the dj, then officiant, etc.  Good luck!
  • I must say I do feel behind after reading all of these! But thanks for all the responses to kick me into gear :)

    crazykatiemae-that's exactly what we have decided to do thanks for your advice! Photography will be our next venture to make sure we get the one we love. 

    And I am hoping to get to dress shopping around July. Planning my wedding and being MOH in my best friend's wedding in September is truly work alright LOL
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