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Does he have a right to be mad?

Backstory: FI is completely the type of person who love to aggravate people. He's not mean about it or anything. But he likes to do it jokingly.

So this morning, he picked me up for church and as he was walking down the hill, he fell flat on his butt. And so me, being the person that I am, burst out into uncontrolable laughter. I tried SO hard to make myself stop, but that kinda only made it worse. And it didn't get any better when I laughed the next five minutes in the car. FI got extremely mad at me. I did ask him if he was ok, which he wouldn't respond to. And I did apologize, though I am certain my apology didn't seem sincere since it was, "I'm sorry, bahahahahahaaaa".

In the end he got pissed and turned the vehicle around and took me home, and I haven't heard from him since. But a lady we go to church with text me and said that her and her husband were still laughing about it.

He is made at me for laughing at him, but he isn't mad at them and he told them about it! I don't feel like he has any right to be made at me for this, because if it would've been me, he wouldn't been the same way. Does he have a right to be mad?

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Re: Does he have a right to be mad?

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    You may have laughed a bit too much but i wouldve done the same thing... Thats not a reason to get as mad as he did. Hes just being a man its all different when hes the one on the losing end. He will get over it. Just give him a few hours.
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    This happened at about 9:00 this morning lol.
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    Mine gets like that too, he picks on me so much but the second I dish it back he can't take it.  So when he gets mad, I just let him go and tell him that he is being ridiculous and that he knows he would have behaved exactly the same way.  He gets over it eventually but they really don't like to take the hit to the ego.  Next time he does it to you, be cool about it and say "See, I didn't throw a hissy fit because you laughed at me."

    I swear sometimes I wonder if he gets a period lol
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    I swear they do. And just about everytime FI gets in a pissy mood, I tell him he's on his man-period...which is normally followed by him saying, "No I'm not." in a seriously whiny tone.
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    I think he needs to put on his big girl panties and get over it. Was your amount of laughing a bit excessive, considering you knew he was upset by it? Probably. But to take you home and ignore you for an entire day? That's ridiculous.
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