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Color Scheme?

My FI loves blue, so I wanted to use this as one of the colors.  I was not sure what color to pair with the blue or even what shade of blue to go with.  While searching on pinterest I found a navy and fuscha combination and liked it. 
Thoughts on this or other navy color combinations for a summer wedding?
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Re: Color Scheme?

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    I like that color combination! It's really cute. I also like navy and yellow. 
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    Navy and white?

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    I love the navy and yellow, I thought about doing that as well.
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    I love navy and fuschia, I strongly considered that color combination, but FI wanted green instead of blue.
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    I love the navy and fushia! What color tuxes are you thinking? My FI wants black tuxes, so he didn't like the navy blue. 
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    I've seen navy and a lighter pink wedding and I thought it looked fabulous!  My MOH is considering yellow and navy for spring wedding next year.

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    Navy is a great neutral you can put almost any color with it and it will work. If you're looking for something different you could use colbalt blue, its vibrant and can also be paired with a lot of different colors or you could use a pale blue. What style of wedding do you want to have? If you determine that it will help with your color selection.
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    I think navy and fuchsia would be beautiful! I am a little but biased, but I also love navy and yellow my colors!. Navy and white looks cute too. Honestly, the deciding factor was my favorite flowers are all yellow sunflowers, daisies.. and like you, FI wanted blue, so that easily made the decision for me. If you love pink peonies or white callalillies, then maybe that can help you gear towards the color you like
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