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Wedding Cake Woes!

We decided to use a reception venue who provides the cake for us (think I may need a lawyer opinion here) from the bakery of their choice....not only do they not have fondant or even the red velvet cake that I want....i didnt like the cake they provided....first thing is should i compromise because i always felt that i shouldnt....its my one time wedding cake and two the problem i see is that i signed the contract already (fiance did not if that helps)....what to do?
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Re: Wedding Cake Woes!

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    I think if you signed a contract, you're pretty much stuck unless you're willing to forfeit any deposits. Read the contract carefully because there might be a stipulation along the lines of "if you cancel after x date, you owe 50% of the remaining balance."

    Have you ever eaten cake with fondant on it? Most of the time it's removed before the cake is served because it's actually kind of gross tasting (in my opinion) due to the amount of sugar and corn syrup used to make it. I know it provides a certain look that you may be going for, but in all honesty, I'd much rather have a cake with buttercream icing. A skilled baker will be able to make a gorgeous buttercream cake, and none of your guests will look at it and go "oh, the reception is nice, but too bad their cake doesn't have fondant."

    Have you tried a couple different flavors? If you're able to find a flavor of cake they offer that you like, maybe you could ask them to tint the batter red before baking if you want that pop of color when the cake is cut.

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    I'm sorry you don't feel like you're getting what you want with your cake. You'll have to read your contract thoroughly, but i'd suspect there will be some sort of fee involved if you cancel. Do you have to use their cake just because they included it? If you hate their cake, it may cost less to just buy another cake and ask your venue not to do one even if they don't give you any money back.

    Also, your venue may be open to trading the value of the cake out with something else if you ask nicely. Maybe they'd trade that $$$ in for your champagne toast or upgraded linens or something? It wouldn't hurt to ask.

    If it were me, it wouldn't be worth losing my venue over the cake...but admittedly the cake isn't one of my top important items. Only you can decide what is of most importance to you. Good luck! I hope it all works out for the best whatever you decide!
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