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June 2013- Starting planning and finding Caterers

So My Fiance and I  started looking at reception locations and caterers

We found one we like but it is very pricey, as with every other catering facility in the area ( Long Island ) if anything im assuming it is on the cheaper end lol

Our budget is around 30 k , preferably less but we are able to go a little higher if necessary since we are saving over 3 years

The reception site we like so far  is an aquarium that has an on site caterer ,
it is very very spacious and will allow guests to enjoy exhibits in addition to the dinner

the price includes the facilty, the tables, linens, chairs- but not chair covers ( and chairs are butt ugly )

it includes a beuatiful bridal suite that has a 50k gallon shark tank and a brial attendant

a champagne greeting

an hors d'oeuvres style cocktail hour with an asian station with 46 servers and 10 cold platters with several choices of location inside or out

a full bar served but no mixologist so probably just basic mixed drinks

a buffet style dinner next to large tanks of tropical fish and sharks

basic center pieces ( small huricane vases filled with sand and shells with surrounding votives)
the wedding cake with loads of designs to choose from

they also offer child care on sight for 100 per 10 children which includes an arcade, rides, educational programs, arts and crafts and the option to add additional things like penguin encounters or something like that

the downsides-

well the chairs as i already mentioned and chair covers are 7.50 to rent apiece
the ask for a 20 % service fee which will be about 3700 dollars
there is a fishy smell because it is an aquarium
expensive upgrades

the upsides-
the chef is willing to customize the menu without a big bump in price
custom designed wedding cake for 100 bucks if we dont like any of the ones they have
the offer a payment plan and have a low deposit
they only do one wedding a day
very unique with extra opportunities for guest to have fun such as touching the stingrays, and looking at animals and exploring grounds

the final cost -

buffet style dinner $ 89.00 per person
full bar $19.00 pp---------------------------------------Total $108 pp plus 20% service fee and tax

Opinions and stories please !!

Re: June 2013- Starting planning and finding Caterers

  • IMHO, I like the idea of an aquarium wedding, but $108/ person seems a little much.  I'd try to negotiate a better deal, like trying to upgrade the menu or see if they'll cover half of the chair covers you need.
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  • Thats what i think ill try to do,  and believe it or not its the lowest of the estimates we got so far,...

    I think i will try to get them to let us use the chair covers for that price
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