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C & V Thursday

Mornin', ladies!!

Le'ts hear your confessions and vents!!

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    I am not religious, I do not pursue the search of a savior. 

    That being said, I really really hate when people preach at me. 
    Like it's not like I haven't tried to find a religion that I can truly believe in, I have, I just can never agree with anything fully. My co worker went on this rant this morning about not having a savior and going to hell when I die. He Justifies babies dying for no reason as them paying for other peoples sins. But then complains that he has to do other peoples work because they can't handle it. Is that not the same concept? Both are unfair you just say one is right because your "god" says so. You can believe that, but don't tell me I am going to hell because I don't have YOUR god.
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_june-2013-weddings_c-v-thursday-15?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:f30b0bfc-508d-415c-bf59-ab83e327da37Discussion:d128d268-3f34-4ee0-92e0-0d6a30957b3fPost:34624202-2204-42d8-bb77-3843a0fdbaf0">Re: C & V Thursday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Confession:  I am not religious, I do not pursue the search of a savior.  Vent: That being said, I really really hate when people preach at me.  Like it's not like I haven't tried to find a religion that I can truly believe in, I have, I just can never agree with anything fully. My co worker went on this rant this morning about not having a savior and going to hell when I die. He Justifies babies dying for no reason as them paying for other peoples sins. But then complains that he has to do other peoples work because they can't handle it. Is that not the same concept? Both are unfair you just say one is right because your "god" says so. You can believe that, but don't tell me I am going to hell because I don't have YOUR god.
    Posted by heatherk2489[/QUOTE]

    I can't stand when people feel the need to push religion down others throats. I believe in God but I don't believe every word the Bible says is true. Organized religion makes people crazy.
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  • Confession: If a storm pops up and knocks out the power here at work it would be greatly appreciated lol.

    Vent: I can't stand my FI's best friend or his no backbone wife. Smh their marriage makes me sick. His exsistance makes me mad. My FI always sticks up for him since 'he's never done anything wrong to him personally'. Yet FI knows he's cheated on his wife NUMEROUS times and would again if his wife wasn't preggo. Ugh!
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    Heather, I agree. Regardless of what you believe/don't believe in, having people shove their views down your throat is irritating. It's even more frustrating when you have to maintain a professional relationship with someone who does that.

    Confession: I have very little to do at work for the next couple of days, other than reading through appx. 400 pages of procedures for a review I'm getting ready to work on. It's going to be a struggle to stay focused on these files and not get distracted by wedding stuff.

    Vent: Amazingly, I don't have one right now. The day is  young though, so this could change by lunchtime.

  • Confession: I don't think I have anything to share today.

    Vent: I'm getting a cold and I feel like crap! My nose is all stuffed and I'm achy all over, but I have a few things that I need to finish up at work so I feel bad taking off. But maybe if I don't get better by the end of today I'll work from home tomorrow.
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  • Confession: It's my last day at this job where I was totally unappreciated and my mug has sangria in it :)

    Vent: This woman is annoying me so much today. We've kinda become friends in the time I've worked here and I know she means well, but she has to stop pushing her opinions on me. I hate people that think they know all the right decisions for someone elses life. At one point several months ago she suggested I look into becoming an actuary because I'd be good at it and I have been researching it, but she's so determined that's what I'm supposed to do that she's been going around for months telling people that I'm going to be an actuary. And then now with my layoff she's already decided what kind of job I should get next and that I should take a vacation first and everytime she hears me talking to someone or sees that I'm looking at jobs she butts in to tell me that thats not the right job for me. AND this morning she told me she insists that I take a vacation first and that she doesnt want to hear about me starting a new job til the end of the summer! I dont know what kind of money she thinks I have lying around that I can just not work the rest of the summer. She said she wants to hear that Im vegging out and tanning until September. Well if shes willing to fund it then sure! lol wow that was long.. sorry.. must be the sangria talking :)
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  • Confession: It's really hard to stay motivated to finish my master's program even though I'm almost done. We had a great program director who left suddenly, and that just kind of took the air out of my tires metephorically speaking. I miss her a lot. I like the new direcrtor too, she's really sweet and is doing her best, but it's just not the same because she's still learning. It makes me wonder how much my degree will really be worth in the end. :( Especially since I'm just attending a state school no one has ever heard of. At least our last director was really well known. That's why I came in the first place.

    Vent: I find some of the other students in my program really annoying sometimes. I'm tired of them constantly complaining to me about how busy they are. Not that I'm not sympathetic, but they say in it a way that suggests that I'm not busy too...really? This is the excuse they always use when they don't follow through on assignments or whatever...um, sorry but you're in grad school. We're all busy. Suck it up! They assume that I have it easy because I choose not to work full-time. What they don't understand is that I made a concious decision not to work more than part-time so that I could put my full energy into my required, internships, research projects, etc. In reality I'm as busy as they are, they just don't understand it.
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    [QUOTE]Confession: It's my last day at this job where I was totally unappreciated and <strong>my mug has sangria in it :) </strong>
    Posted by kwebb17[/QUOTE]

    <div>This made my day!</div><div>
    </div><div><div>MrsK, good luck tomorrow!! Post some pictures when you get some! We'll have to have another photo day on FB (and make a photo album this time, lol) for pictures of everyone's houses and apartments that they and their FI's share or something.</div><div>
    </div><div>I don't really have a vent today, but I do have two confessions.<div>
    </div><div><strong>C1:</strong> One of my co-workers had rotator cuff surgery a few weeks ago and was cleared to work part time, meaning she can go to her few programs but that's it. But she isn't allowed to drive yet, so someone has to cart her around. I've been taking her a few times this week and will again next week and it kind of sucks. I live in Ontario County and work in all of Yates county which is directly south of where I live. She covers all of Wayne county, directly north of where I live and the program I've been taking her to is at like the farthest away point possible in her county. It friggen blows. I hate driving and now I have to put tons of miles on my car, a lease, and listen to her tell me all about the llamas and alpacas her and her husband raise. She's very nice and I feel bad she's in pain, but I have enough going on with myself without having to play chauffer too.</div></div></div><div>
    </div><div><strong>C2:</strong> I'm tried. Fi keeps saying we have to get the deck finished before his summer hours end and he starts back up full time in a couple weeks. But what he doesn't understand is I am working full time and spending every waking minute at home working on the stupid thing. Plus I'm doing all the leg work for planning out wedding and trying to finish summer session of grad school that I'm like two weeks behind in now. And I'm training for my triathlon that's in two weeks as well as playing driver for Jeanna. I'm just tired. I've barely made it out of bed to work out this week which makes me feel really guilty. I just want one day where I can sit around the house all alone and not do or think about anything. </div>
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    jshillings- I am going to be in the same position you are with school and a part-time job. I currently have a part-time job (and plan to keep it) and in August, I will start my last year as an undergrad student in Early Childhood Education. So, right now I am trying to take the GRE to get into the Master's program that is required at my school. I can't believe that fellow classmates would say something in a way to suggest you aren't busy. I plan on recieving my Master's degree like you are right now. I want to be able to put all of my energy into school. I'm sorry that they don't understand how busy you are. I hope that when you recieve your degree that you find worth in it. I have been told that sometimes its not about where you got your degree its how you present it. Hope things get better for you.

    Confession: Still not eating healthier and minimal exercise. :(

    Vent: Everytime I try to do something wedding related with my FI it ends up never getting done. I have seriously done the entire guest list on my own and just relayed to him who I put on the list. He doesn't really give his opinion on things. I want his opinion, it's his wedding too. I want hm to tell me some of the things he would like to see at the ceremony and reception. If he had it his way we would get married at the courthouse....

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  • C- I have been really on edge lately, and I don't know why. It took me a lot to not snap at FI last night, even though he wasn't doing anything wrong.

    V- The things that have been setting me off: My dad had a piece of cake out of FI and I fridge, no big deal I buy it for them both to eat. But he just puts the box back in the fridge, like doesn't close it or anything, and the cake gets gross when you do that; FI and I went out one night last week, and didn't get home until like 10:30ish. But the time we got ready for bed and stuff it was almost 11:00, and I had to be up at 6:30 for work so I wanted to get to bed. He wanted to watch TV. Finally I made him turn it off, and out of spite, the other night he bitched that he wanted to tv off at 8 O'CLOCK (sun still out) because he had to get up early. Difference is, he would be getting liek 11 hours of sleep, compared to me getting 7, I dont think that's fair. Next day I told him I refuse to do that again; FI also told me the other night that I have "no concept of money" and was talking to me like a child when we opened a discussion about houses. I got really pissed and ended the conversation and got the check to leave, because I didn't feel like talking it out. He later apologized but I was still bitchy. I guess I'm just saying that I am poorly reacting to everything, don't want to talk anything out and just want to yell at someone everytime they annoy me. I need to chill out, and cannot wait until next week is over for vacation.
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  • C & V - I'm actually quite nervous to go on a double date with the other engaged couple in my FI's "crew" from high school. We're the only two engaged of the bunch. My FI and I have known each other 3x as long as they have. I don't want to form opinions just based on their knowing each other of 5 months, but ring, buying a house and her moving from VA to WI is kinda crazy...oh and they only met 2 months ago in person. I may be eating A LOT of cod tomorrow to keep my mouth shut. On the other hand its the first time we'll be eating local and not chain in our small town...that part I'm excited about. Their fish fry has been recommended.
  • C: I took today off work today to spend all day studying for my midterm tonight and haven't done much except kinda read one chapter. The reason why I'm not too stressed will be covered in my vent lol V: I'm studying mechanical engineering and have been putting off this intro the electrical circuits class as long as I can cause its an awful class to take at my university. I thought since I finally couldn't put it off any longer I would take it at a local community college over summer to save money and it would be easier. NO I was wrong! This is the worst class I have ever taken, in a subject I hate and am pretty clueless about. The teacher doesn't even deserve to be called a teacher. He hasn't even lectured once and we have a midterm today. Weve been given 3 homework assignments from a different book then were required to buy but every other day he changes the due date on them. Yesterday I asked him what to expect on the midterm and if he could please go over the main ideas for it and he said Ida yet I haven't figured that out. Just learn whats in the homework. Ughhh that is easier said then done because the homework doesn't match up with the book we bought so can correspond that to chapters to learn. All of this is part of why I'm not too worried about the midterm because if it's not easy enough to pass off of the minimal knowledge I've gotten from the homework with no real direction I am going to the school and filing complaints against him and since most of the other students feel this way too they better be willing to do something about it. Sorry that was long its just driving me nuts that someone can become a teacher and not even teach even when asked to specifically teach something.
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  • C- I need to get my butt back to the gym.  And get back on my diet.  But stress and work are eating up all my time!  Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I'll get back into my routine.

    V- my poor daughter was misdiagnosed for almost 3 weeks.  We had 2 trips to the ER, 3 to her primary, 2 xrays and countless blood tests.  her foot was swollen and in a lot of pain.  The Drs. told her at her first visit that she had a staff infection from a bug bite, put her on antibiotics, which she then had a horrible allergic reaction to.  Well, a week later the pain is worse and Drs. told me I was worried about nothing and sent her home with advil eventhough she could barely walk.  Oh, its the infection, oh her joints are swollen from the allergic reaction.  Another week goes by, she is still in pain.  They take more blood and more xrays, now checking her for Lymes disease.  I keep telling the DRs. that she is not a complainer, she really isn't, and she has a high threshold for pain so if she says she is in pain then she really is in pain.  Welll, after raising holy hell, they finally gave her an MRI.  Turns out her foot is fractured in two places.  And all her blood work and staff cultures came back negative for infection so the orthopedist thinks she never even had an infection in the first place and does not understand why they didn't order an MRI earlier.  Now she is in a boot up to her knee and will be in it for 8 to 12 weeks!  She heads back to college the 24th of August and her school is over 5 hours from home.  So I am worried about how she will do getting around and thinking about how much it is going to suck having to get her home to see the orthopedist.  

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