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Photobooth Question!

Hi Ladies!

We want to book a photobooth for our wedding and I've seen lots of different types. I met with a photographer the other day who has a current Groupon out and a really great deal, but it is more of an "open" photobooth and not a closed one. Basically, they do a huge background screen, no side screens, and then there is this super flashy awesome stand alone camera that takes pictures. It makes all of the backgrounds look 3D and the pictures are fab quality. Guests get a clicker and so do the photobooth people to take pictures, so you don't have to do the 3-2-1 countdown wait which I like. As of right now they don't print on site-which isn't a huge deal to me. If they start, they said they would add it into my package for free, and even if they don't, we get all the pictures and they do a web album as well.

Has anyone been to a wedding with more of an open photobooth like this? I'm concerned guests might not full on understand it or might think its our photographers doing more professional pictures instead of a fun photobooth!

Thanks ladies!

Re: Photobooth Question!

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    the open photo booth would be cool and you could just have a sign saying the photos will be available online or send them to everyone in their thank you cards!!

    I don't have the funds for a photobooth but a friend suggested making my own- get some fabric for a backdrop, a prop box and then a few instant poloroid cameras so the photos print right away and people could sign the bottom, write a note, etc... maybe have an empty scrapbook that they could put photos in...  so its kind of similar but with the photos being available instantly...
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    Thanks for the feedback! I ran this past my fiance too and we are going to book it! :) The photo people hand out little cards with the address on them, and post them within like 24 hours of the event, so they are there and ready for sharing/downloading.

    They've had A LOT of people request that they print photos on site, so they are already looking into it! Hopefully this means they will have it for our wedding! And even if they don't, I can guarantee our guests will all be hammered by 8pm... hahaha :)

    Samela, the thank you card is a great idea too! Good luck with your photobooth as well! You could always see about paying a neighbor kid like $40-50 for the whole night to take the photos for your guests in the booth. That way he/she could let them know what/where to sign and put the photos too so it runs smoothly!
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    I saw this at a wedding once, and I really liked it!  I actually went back a few times to do it with different people!  It was in a different room than the reception (I think it was in the hallway) but it only took 1 minute to do and then I was back to the party.  You should do it!
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    One of our friends had an open air photobooth last year, and people did think it was more like a professional picture instead of a photobooth. We got the concept, but a lot of the guests didnt. From a guests standpoint, I really didnt like that you didnt get the pictures, I am honestly not going to go through the effort of going to the photographers website and trying to find my picture.
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