June 2013 Weddings

Tuesday Accountability

I know it's early for some of you girls, sorry.....

B- Breakfast drink
L- PB&J with crackers and come canteloupe
S- 100 cal pack of cookies
D- Steak with grilled asparagus and mixed veggies

No soda today, yay! But I feel sooooo hungry, about to eat dinner now and am going to try really hard not to gorge because I'm starving. Being a good girl though and not having any of the noodles FI is making (we are bbqing at his parents, so they won't go to waste.)

*****EDIT: so this did end up posting twice, I'm sorry. Friggen stupid computer. I guess whoever posts next, just pick one of the 2, everyone else will hopefully follow and the other 1 will be ignored. Sorry girls
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