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I am having alot of trouble finding gifts for people in the wedding, Im kind of on a tight budget.  For my bridesmaides I bought them a necklace and earings set, nail polish, lip gloss, lotion, body spray, compact mirror and a small tote bag.  I don't know if that's enough or I'm afraid they wont like them.  Our moms I bought them photo albums and robes with their names on them then found out that my mom would probably not even wear it.  His dad is easy but my dad Im soo confused.  I looked on all the websites and nothing seems right PLEASE help.  Im confused about my fiance as well.  I was thinking of getting him something while we are on our honeymoon, like a massage or special excursion but Idk.  Anyone's input would really be appreciated. 

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    I think your bridesmaids gifts sound awesome!  I haven't purchased anything yet but I was just going to get the older BMs their favorite perfume, parents a nice framed portrait of us and maybe a small wedding album.  I am totally stuck on GM and younger kids in the party.  As far as FI, I have no clue. 

    So basically, I suck at giving you advice :)  But thank you for the post b/c I could use some help too!
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    I think the gifts for your girls and good and def enough!  I got all of my BM's different statement necklaces that they can wear to the wedding but that also suited their individual style so that they can wear them afterwards, I'm also treating them to mani/pedis before the wedding and will prob get everyone some cute flipflops to wear when their feet start to hurt at the reception.  I got my mom a beautiful pair of earrings that were an awersome deal from GMA's "deals & steals" and an embrodiered handkercheif that says "today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your daughter and best friend for life," it also has the wedding date on it.  I got Fi's mom a handkercheif as well that says "thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams"  Fi has NO idea what to get the groomsmen, the 5 of them are as different as they could be so he will probably just do individual gifts...i also have no idea what to get for my dad!  For Fi, I did a boudoir shoot...it was amazing!!! I cant wait to see the pics and give them to him!!
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    What would you buy for your dad for his birthday, or for Father's Day, or for Christmas? Shop for him like it's any one of those occasions. And you don't need to get your fiance a gift. We're skipping the bride/groom gifts and we'll use the money to splurge on a fancy dinner on our honeymoon or something.
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