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April Sig Challenge - Bouquet Inspiration!

Hey guys,

It's that time again (Can you believe it?!)

I thought I would start a poll to get the ball rolling on the choice of our sig for next month!

I don't remember the bunch of options I had last month (since the thread broke and still doesn't work for me) so I'm just winging it with a couple of ones I remember and hope you awesome gals come up with something haha!

Don't forget, the pictures don't have to be 100% accurate as to what you are going to have! I know some haven't planned out what their bouquet will look like for example so feel free to still participate with any nice bouquet photo you find and like (who knows, you might find yourself planning that afterwards haha)

Also, thoughts on making this a sticky? (With the awesome activity on the board, I want to keep this thread easy to find so all can participate if they'd like to!) I could make it a sticky for the week and remove it when finished.

Happy Voting!
June '13 - Cake!
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Re: April Sig Challenge - Bouquet Inspiration!

  • How to make a sig:

    1. Choose your picture. upload it onto a photo hosting site- I like photobucket. it's free.

    2. Click on "update signature" on the left side bar.

    3. Use this code to make your picture show up:

    <img src="**" width="180px" />

    WITH NO **s. take them out. place the direct link to your photo there (where the **'s are). and that's it!

    If you want to, you can write(before or after the picture) June 2013 Sig Challenge - ABC123 or something of that nature. totally up to you.

    Also, you can play with the 180. if you have a wider picture, it might be best to make it about 200 or 220. if you have a taller picture, it might be best to make it smaller. just, please, keep in mind that people will be looking at this for the next month and please don't take up the entire screen!
    June '13 - Cake!
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  • Can't believe it's time for a new sig already! Since I didn't participate in March I will definitely do so for April (and beyond)! I voted for bouquet inspiration but I also love the NWR: pets idea too.
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  • I forgot to make mine for March also, but from here on out I'll be making them! I think making this a sticky is a great idea. Maybe just title it "Monthly siggy challenge" and then each month we can just post/vote in it? 

    I voted for the bouquet inspiration! 

    Oh, and how do you make the pictures side by side in the siggy? Do you have to put them into paint/photoshop and crop them together? I swear I am not computer illiterate but this is making me feel like I am. LOL
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  • :)

    Haha I don't know if I am doing it 'proper' but all I do with my photos is copy them and put them into paint and then give them a simple border and upload it to photobucket.  I have PSP at home but just use paint as it's 100% quicker and simpler (Can you tell I'm still learning how to use PSP? haha)

    June '13 - Cake!
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  • I voted on the March sig, but didn't participate. I didn't like the way it looked and plus we went back and forth all month over where we were having it...so I would've had to change it just about every other day lol. But I'm gonna try to do this one :)
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  • I wish I knew how to do my sig. My phone wont let me copy and paste.

  • April sig test 2!  (Attempt # 1 was a fail haha)
    ~*June 2013 Sig Challenge: Our Cake*~
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  • What are we doing for the May sig? I am excited.

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