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Tuesday Accountability

B- black coffee
s-2 Hershey's mini mr. goodbars
L- wegmans European baguette with the prosciutto taken off
D- lean cuisin cheese pizze with some extra mozz
s-chuck of mozzerella cheese (I love cheese way too much), Tim Hortons small hot chocolate

E- ran 1.5 miles, upper body free weights
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Re: Tuesday Accountability

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    B: toast and apple butter
    L: mushroom rice noodle soup & mini candy bar
    S: kettle corn & plum
    D: salad, curried squash risotto, vegetable pakoras, and chicken samosas (thanks, Trader Joe's!!)
    S: cupcake, homemade applesauce, & two cookies.

    E: walked 3 miles, 75 minutes/yoga
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    B - H20
    L - Subway & H20
    S – Pringles Stix – 90 cal pack
    D - Chicken Casserole

    I really need to get back in the swing of things. I gained back everything that I lost and then some over the summer.



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    B: Banana
    S: granola bar
    L: roasted turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce oh and cantalope and melon w/ water
    S: a few more tootsie rolls
    D: steak and white rice w/ water
    S: peanut butter cup, and two pieces of dove dark chocolate
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    I have't been posting in accountability but FI and I have been doing weight watchers. This is our 3rd week and I've lost 6lbs!

    B - Smart Ones Egg White, Veggie, Bacon Wrap
    L - Hummus, Tomato, & Cucumber Wrap (weight watchers recipe that's actually pretty good), String Cheese, and Weight Watchers double chocolate mini cake. Diet Coke.
    S - Iced Coffee from a local coffee shop =) it made my day lol
    D - Baked Ziti with butternut squash and ricotta cheese, Diet Coke
    S - Water, Weight Watchers chocolate brownie ice cream cup.

    E - Nothing last night. I had to work all day then I had a Human Rights Committee meeting after work. UGH. I will be going to the gym tonight though!
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    Negril, Jamaica!!
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