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The closing of Grandview Ave???

Good Evening ladies,

My fiance and I are having our wedding reception at the Lemont Restaurant on Grandview Ave, in 4 months, and my mother called me this morning, letting me know that they closed down a bridge a while ago that takes you up to Mt. Washington, and now they closed a part of Grandview Ave.

Does anyone know more about the situation? Should I worry..... :(
I currently live in Delaware so that's all i know....

Re: The closing of Grandview Ave???

  • Hi, we live on Mt Washington so we are familiar with the situation. There is actually a landslide on the mountain so McArdle is closed, but you can still get up to Mt Washington a number of other ways including Sycamore. Grandview itself is not closed at all. Don't worry!
    Married! :) 5/19/12 The Domesticals

  • Ohhh ok! Cool! Thanks a bunch!!! My mom doesnt live up that way so she was going off of hear-say but wanted me to know, whats going on.

    Thanks Again!
  • ditto mook:  McArdle is closed, not grandview.  We were there yesterday and it's annoying, but not unmanageable, to get to the top.
  • Ok thanks MD and Mook!
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