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December Engagement pics

My Fiance is overseas and will not be back until December. I want to take our engagement pics at that time. We live in Atlanta, GA but I know it will be cold. Does anyone have an idea of an indoor venue that would be great for engagment pics? Thanks in advance!
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Re: December Engagement pics

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    Hotel? They have great decorations :)

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    Maybe a historic movie theatre or as mentioned a big hotel. Hmmm trying to get creative.... Sometimes the outdoors aren't too terrible, I find something sweet about a cute peacoat and warm scarf, gloves. Ok back to indoors ummm, sometimes cities have conservatories that are like indoor gardens
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    You ladies have some great ideas! I love the hotel idea... maybe dress up really nice and take some pictures in the hotel at night with the atlanta skyline in the background... 

    I love the conservatory idea too that way I can get some nature in the pictures as well! I am definitely going to check into it!! Thanks ladies!
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