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Monday Accountability

I'm stealing MrsK's thunder for this because I need this, haha.

B- black coffe
L- plain piece of chicken with cheese tortellini lean cuisine
s- Emerald's dark chocolate roasted almonds
D- plain chicken breast and refried beans topped with some monterey jack cheese
s- some cocktail shirmp with lemon and later an apple

E- ran a mile and half, free weights upper body. 
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Re: Monday Accountability

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    emilyb213emilyb213 member
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    B: Toast & apple butter
    L: Mexican chicken lean pocket & mini candy bar
    S: Chips and french onion dip (FAIL)
    D: Skinnytaste mushroom stronganoff, roasted cauliflower, and salad
    S: Some chocolate and taste-testing the cookies I was baking (more fail).

    E: Walked 3 miles
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    B: banana L: chicken and wild rice soup D: fresco chicken soft tacos (they're just chicken and pico de gallo) S: clemmys sugar free ice cream bar (70 cal) E: 45 minute P90X cardio
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    B-Coffee, Slimfast
    D-6in Veggie Sub on wheat with baked chips
    E-Day 1 of Bridalicious Boot Camp!
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    I need to get back into this..... B: banana S: almond and peanut natures valley bar L: grilled chicken with mushrooms, white rice, tomato salad and an oatmeal cookie S: apple D: steak and white rice S: 3 dove dark chocolate pieces No exercise, like I said I need to get back into this :)
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