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NWR- for those of you with pets...

I found this today and thought I'd share as I am completely horrified. We bought the Sargent's brand Pet Armor (as recommended by everyone I work with, who I'll be informing of this tomorrow when I see them all) and we didn't have any problems. Though it seems to affect smaller pets more by the looks of most of the posts. 

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Re: NWR- for those of you with pets...

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    OMG that is sooo sad! I am passing this along to my family and friends.
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    I'm so glad I've never bought any of this stuff. Thank you for posting this! I definitely won't buy anything from there.
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    Thank you so much for sharing. I've never used it, but I'll pass it on. It's so sad that this stuff is legal. 
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    On an unrelated note... where in Upstate NY are you located Beth? I saw in roll call your getting married on Ontario Lake. What part of the lake are you on? I live in Geneva and FI and I are getting married on Seneca Lake here in Geneva. 
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    Wow, pretty sure my dog and my brother's dog have Hartz flea collars on right now..well my brother's dog might not since my pup likes to grab onto her collar when playing. This worries me. Definitely have thought about an alternative way to keep fleas and ticks off the pups who love the woods, but now I really need to actually do some research..I can't bear the loss of another dog a year apart. The collars aren't working anyway since I always seem to be pulling ticks off of my dog.
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    This isn't just Hartz that this happens with. It's all low quality flea and tick preventatives. They are also not waterproof and do not break the flea and tick cycle. It may kill eggs and adults but that's it. Any other stage of flea it will not kill. Always consult your vet and use Frontline or Advantix. Considering that a flea egg can stay dormant in your house up to a year and for the safety of your pet, always use a high quality preventative! Also, flea collars are essentially useless and will do nothing but protect that little area around their neck.
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    Thanks for sharing this, that is scary. I use Frontline and my dogs and cats, seems to work pretty good. I still find ticks on the cats, who are in the woods all day, but they aren't actually biting her, just walking around and kind of dead-like. I don't know how they get away with selling that Hartz stuff with so many bad reviews.
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    This is horrifying!! I was reading some of the stories and was almost in tears. I use Dr. Bronner's castile soap on my dog as a natural flea & tick repellant and it seems to work pretty well. He had fleas so bad when I first adopted him, and because he was so young (under 12 weeks), I couldn't use any of the chemical based treatments on him. His vet recommended Dr. Bronner's soap & tea tree oil as an alternative, and it definitely worked. You can either add the tea tree oil to regular dog shampoo, mix it with water and spray it on your dog, or soak their collars in water & tea tree oil and it will help with fleas and ticks.
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