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Dress woes

Is it bad I still haven't found my dress yet? Some places are telling me I should have ordered one by now. Maybe I am just not going to have that big moment... Idk def starting to bum me out :
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Re: Dress woes

  • I shopped endlessly and tried on over 100 dresses. I had one moment, but the dress was way over budget so it was a no go. I wouldn't fixate on having a moment. When I was stuck between two dresses, my final decision came down to price, one was a bit too expensive so I'd have to buy the sample versus the other I could order new. And also which train was easier to remove. You should order soon. Most designers really only take like 5-6 months, but all the designers who make their dresses in China close for a month in the winter. It really depends on what designer you're looking at. Places like Alfred Angelo have a really quick turn around, like a month or two, where as others, like Maggie Sottero, take the full eight months.Good luck, don't stress, and don't fixate on having a moment. 

    What helped me was calling a friend who hadn't seen a single dress yet come to the shop where I was stuck on two dresses and be the nonbiased voice of reason. It helped because she hadn't seen anything and had no idea how I felt about either dress. I knew how I felt so I let her give her opinion as soon as I came out of the dressing room. She was a huge help. 
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  • cnf's got all the timing stuff covered.

    I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself over having a "moment". I love my dress and all, but I'm not the type of person to get all weepy and emotional over something like that. Find a dress that makes you feel pretty and you're comfortable wearing, and don't get all hung up on having that made for tv moment where you and everyone with you starts crying. Good luck!!
  • ddeyorio I don't have my dress either so we're in the same boat, LOL.  Don't stress, shows like Say Yes to the Dress make it seem like you should just know or have THAT moment but in reality it doesn't always happen that way.
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  • I wouldn't stress. I went dress shopping, once, 2 weeks ago, and ordered the dress 3 days later. bam bam done!!!!!! I didn't feel the need to try on more dresses because I know I don't like very many bridal dresses. I found a simple dress that works for me and went with it.
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  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself about having that "moment." 

    I was so turned off by the thought of dress shopping at first (e.g. freaking out about how I'd look in a wedding gown, worried I'd look terrible, hating the whole experience, etc.) but I was really just psyching myself out. I ended up looking pretty darn good in several gowns. I only took my Mom and MOH (best friend) along with me so that I didn't feel pressured by the opinions of an entourage. 

    We visited two stores and I found my dress at the first one (we went back the same day after visiting the 2nd store). I didn't cry but my Mom and best friend did, and even the consultant started to tear up. I laughed and asked if I was supposed to cry too and the consultant said that the brides rarely do, usually just the families, etc.

    Anyhow, don't fret. Just keep thinking about how you want to look and feel for your wedding day. Start shopping and trying gowns on (in all shapes/ silhouettes) because you never know what's really going to look good unless you try it on your body. And don't try on anything that's out of your price range (if you have one) because falling in love with a dress that is just too expensive is not fun.

    As far as timing, all designers are different but the safe guideline is to order by the 8 month mark. If you wait until 6 months you are pushing it. Good luck! 

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