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AW-ing my productive weekend! PIP

Oh my gosh! I did so much this weekend! FI and I finished laying deck boards and he got some other stuff done on the deck. Yay for FI for doing most of the work.

I bought my dress. I went and himmed and hawwed over t he same two dresses for like two more hours and had one of my BM's who hadn't seen any of the dresses yet come be an unbiased opinion. I settled on the one with the tulle skirt instead of the ruffles. Both made me feel beautiful, everyone else loved the tulle one better, and when I put it on for the last time Better Together by Jack Johnson came on. FI and I first bonded over our love for Jack and it made it feel right. My mom cried. A lot. I went back the next day to show my maid of honor and my mom gave me her pealr necklace and drop earrings to wear for my something borrowe d. 

I also ran my triathlon this morning. It was great. I was so nervous and excited and I hit the water and was like, "Holy shiiiit what am I doing!?" But I finished! And in well under my goal time. I hoped for under 3 hours and when I rounded the corner to the finish and saw the race clock read 2:53 I was ecstatic. My finish time was 2:14:45. They were staggered starts, so the race clock wasn't my finish time. But I was so happy. I'm planning on doing all three local ones next year. Also, my professional photographer GM was there covering the race for the newspaper he shoots for and kept finding me and taking tons of picture. His paper is doing a huge multi page spread on the race, so expect me to AW some paper photos. He insists I'll be in there tomorrow.

I can't wait to get the pictures GM took. He has tons of my entering and exiting the water and my finish photos from when I crossed the finish line. Though the professional shots of those should be online soon too. 

Also, today is day 300 until my wedding!

Anyways, I hope ever else had a great weekend! I missed keeping up with you ladies!

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Re: AW-ing my productive weekend! PIP

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    Wow I would call that productive, way to go AND I love that dress!!
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    Congrats on your tri!  And I LOVE your dress!  I love the tulle and the beading/bling on the front.  You look so good in it!  Congrats for finally picking one out!
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    wow!! I feel so under-productive! LOL

    great job on the triathalon and pictures in the paper!! that's awesome!!

    and your dress is GORGEOUS!! congratulations Smile
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    Love the dress!!! And congrats on your tri!
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    Congrats on your triathlon and your dress! I'm glad you went with your gut and not what everyone else said. You look like a princess, very beautiful! :)
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    Congrats on choosing your dress. I was curious to see your final decision ;P
    And also way to go on your triathalon!
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    Congrats on your great, and very productive weekend!!!!! The dress look beautiful, and I love it with the pearls. :)
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    Congrats on your triathalon! I love your dress too especially the sparkly trims. 
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    Congrats on your triathlon!!! And I'm so happy for you getting the dress, you look so beautiful in it!

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