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Bridesmaid Dresses Help

So I have 6 girls in my bridal party, 1 MOH and 5 BMs. At first I wanted to do everyone wear the same dress, since every one is similar body type, but different heights. However, I can tell that some of them want to wear shorter dresses and some want to wear longer styles. I was thinking of picking out a designer, fabric, and color and then have the girls pick out there own styles. The question is, what do I do if two girls pick out the same dress- would that look weird? Should I ask 3 girls to wear longer dresses( 3 of my bridesmaids are 5'9" and up) and 3 girls (the shorter of the 3) wear cocktail, tea-length dresses so it looks symmetrical? 
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Re: Bridesmaid Dresses Help

  • I don't think it's weird, really.  You have sooooo much time to think about this, though!  :)
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  • I don't think it would look weird! I've browsed thousand of real life wedding party photos and mismatched, whether it's color, style, length, etc actually have been pulled off really successfully and looked great!
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  • I'm in a wedding this August where all of us BMs were given the option of designer, color, etc and allowed to pick out our style, out of the 5, 2 girls picked one dress, 2 girls picked another dress and one girl picke a different dress so three dresses and I think it will look great. 
    Sometimes it's good to plan early and think about these things before you make a firm decision just to get mishaps and other things out of the way.   April will be here before you know it. 
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  • Don't worry. Just ask yourself: would you rather all the bridesmaids look exactly the same, or would you rather have each of them in a dress that accentuates their different body types? As long as fabric and color are the same, they will all look great. Just make sure they all have the same formality: no jersey dresses next to ball gowns!
    What a beautiful mess this is...
  • Okay cool, thanks girls for the feedback! I want everything planned super in advanced since I want a stress free wedding (at least as much as possible! :) ) @lpowers we share the same wedding day!! :D
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