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Favorite Friday

Week recap?  Any favorite moments?


Re: Favorite Friday

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    Ahhh I think I have a problem, I can't stop buying shoes, I have racked up 5 new pairs just in the last week. 

    Favorite of the week besides shoes- I got a new juicer and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

    I've been jucing and making smoothies out of everything, made my own oragne juice, a kiwi strawberry smoothie, you name it I juiced it.  Yummm


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    I have an in with bloomingdales. I'm hoping they get a pair of the shoes I'm looking for in the next 1-2 weeks.
    I went shopping yesturday and bought more running apparel :/ and earrings. Shiny things and endurance equipment are my nemesis :/.

    I finished a bunch of papers for my 2 classes this week so glad to be done.

    Tomorrow I run the Marine Corps 17.75k and gain entry to the MCM!

    I dont handle taper weeks well combine that with chemo fog and united airlines pissing me off I'm very crotchetty this morning. Only tomorrow's race, tonights swim,  the plans to see OZwith my little one this weekend, and return to full training sunday are keeping me from going off the deep end :/
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