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1 Year Out

We are roughly 1 year out ladies! How far is your planning? Are you getting excited?
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Re: 1 Year Out

  • woohoo... I'm down to 1year & 1 week.

    I've got the deposit down for the Villa,  finalizing the contract with the wedding planner and will send that deposit Friday and still searching for a photog


  • I'm just under a year now and I'm so close to done with the planning.  I'm so excited!
  • We will be exactly a year out this friday!! Im so excited! our venue actually gave us a bottle of champagne when we booked (8 months ago) and I think we are going go ahead and pop it then. All we have left pretty much is cake and what the groomsmen are going to wear!
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  • I should be hearing from Disney in the next 24-48 hours. I'm so excited I could pop!
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  • Hi dewingedpixie!

    How is the Disney Planning? Can I ask what collection you are doing? (Couture, Wishes, Escape, Memories? ) Also how did you get the pricing for everything?

    I remember it all used to be on the website but I was looking today and just see the minimums listed.

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