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Time needs to go by faster!

Hi everyone! I just came across this board and was excited to know that I am not the only one already planning for my Feb. 8th 2014 wedding. My venue is the only thing official (deposit non refundable Sealed so theres no turning back now!) 

I just cannot wait until my wedding day! I want to start shopping for my dress! But I have to wait until January of next year! 5 more months! I really hope it goes by fast once it hits the one year mark! 

Please everyone keep in touch as our month approaches, I know im going to have lots of questions and I also look forward to getting as well as giving advice to all the brides out there! 

Re: Time needs to go by faster!

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    I understand what you mean! I just want to start shopping but I feel silly doing it so soon.
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    Where's your venue gonna be?
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    omg my wedding is the sme exact day and time is not moving fast at all. i am over excited reearching venues. can't decide hich location to choose. but imight bemore excited about my honeymoon. Also confused about catering and what food choices wwould be best. Weddings are difficult. Aside fromplanning i am also working my butt off to be ble to afford the costs. its crazy but every penny every hour spent every ounce of stress is all worth it because i get to marry my best friend and the love of my life. so i wish you the best of luck as we share pure happiness on the same day. Also congrats!!Laughing
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    January is almost here! I am planning on starting to shop for my dress sometime after Christmas! I hope time FLIES by too! :) 
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