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So I decided to get a coordinator to help with the ceremony. I have one who comes with the venue for the reception and she is awesome. She's the one who gave me the contact info for the other lady. Well actually there is only one, yes one, wedding coordinator business on island so no choice there. On her website her prices are listed and they start at 1,000 for just day of and go up from there. The reason I need one is the ceremony is a public beach, I need it set up I don't want to ask guests or WP to do that of course! with a few things and coordinate the flow of it. I only really need her from 46:30p the ceremony is at 5:30. Question did you have one? Also, and I'm sorry for bringing up money bc it's rude but how much did they cost? Over 1,000 for a couple hours seems a lot. :/ I guess I don't have a choice but just wondering what should I ask her that all includes since I'll meet with her tomorrow. Sorry for spacing and lack of parentheses if they disappear I'm on mobile!

Re: Wedding coordinator

  • I had a partial WP, so the cost was higher, but her fees for DOC started at $800. I got price quotes from $500 on up for DOC. Most DOC are not just working those few hours during the wedding, the week of the wedding they create a timeline, confirm all your vendors, coordinate deliveries, etc, so it's much more work then just setting up some chairs. My coordinator worked 12 hours the day of my wedding. 

    I would speak to the coordinator you are interested in and describe the amount of work you are looking for her to do. She might offer you a better price, or to pay her at an hourly rate. Most vendors are willing to negotiate, you'll never know until you try!
  • Thanks! That helps a lot! :D
  • Met with her and so happy! She is offering a military discount, a discount for the month we are getting married since she didn't have one yet, and including so much! A PA system, chair rentals, trays, island hand fans, and linens for the cookie table! She is coordinating it all and seems great. The price is less than 1500!!! So happy to have that taken care of and less stress to worry about! :D
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